Monday, September 19, 2022

Thank you all my wonderful Readers, Friends, Family, Patrons, and Well Wishers!


Thank you all my wonderful Readers, Friends, Family, Patrons, and Well Wishers!

A huge Thank you to Over 200,000 Readers on my Blog from 195 Countries, 9,567 and more Followers on my Facebook Page over 9345 Likes and growing! You have made my day and made me feel proud while motivating me to do more!

I am emotionally overwhelmed at the Love, Motivation, and constant following of all my Readers, Friends, Family, Patrons and Well Wishers. Over the many years since I started this Blog on Vegetable and Fruit Carvings, I have always been at the receiving end of your love and motivation.

There were so many times that I could not continue writing on this Blog for want of time and recently the longest gap due to the Covid Pandemic; but I was always stormed by messages and notifications from you all wanting more. 

I feel and remain indebted to you all for your patience and perseverance in staying with me, and with this amazing following as seen above I assure you that I will be very soon back with some amazing content, not only about this art, but about some new friends and Artists with whom I have had the privilege to connect with. 

When I went through the Insights on my Facebook Page I was shocked to see how many of you were staying engaged on my Posts at all times, connecting with me through your messages and expression of your love for this art.

You can rest assured that I will be up with some amazing posts for you all, very soon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Tika Garnish Amazing YouTube Channel For Fruit Carvings

 Tika Garnish Amazing YouTube Channel For Fruit Carvings

As usual I was browsing Various sites, Social Media Platforms that I work on for amazing artists to write about and found this wonderful YouTube Channel Tika Garnish. This is basically a YouTube Channel for Fruit Carvings and the amazing videos immediately caught my attention. 

The amazing Tutorials she has on her Channel are so well laid out and explained, I am sure aspiring Fruit Carving Artists will enjoy every bit of them.

Click on the Title below to Check out her Channel at 


Follow Her on Instagram -

For business inquiries call / whatsapp - 081224038753

To just start off with and know about her YouTube Channel and her work watch this video:

Tika Garnish Fruit Carving Introduction to her Channel:

There are so many amazing Fruit Carving Tutorials on the Channel, so I will allow you to visit the Channel and watch them for yourselves. Do visit the Channel, Like, Comment and Share the videos you like. Do not forget to Subscribe to her Channel so that you will receive notifications every time she uploads a new video.
Wishing her all the Best in her amazing work and looking forward to more videos being uploaded. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Thank you all my wonderful Readers, Friends, Family, Patrons, and Well Wishers!

Thank you all my wonderful Readers, Friends, Family, Patrons, and Well Wishers!


On this momentous day I would also like to Thank you all my wonderful Readers, Friends, Family, Patrons for reading, liking and promoting my Blogging and Writing. Your constant support, motivation along with your comments, suggestions and Idea have pushed me to do better. Here are some amazing Facts that always keep motivating me to do better!
+ 8000 Page Likes On my Facebook Page at
Amost 200,000 Page Views on my Blog from Viewers and Readers from over 195 Different Countries!

In the coming days you you see a total revamp of my Blogs, Pages and Content in my efforts to bring to you nothing but the Best in Quality Original Content. However there are no Major changes to this Blog or Facebook Page apart from improvement in Quality content and more frequent posts coming up for you to read, as its been a long time since I posted on this Blog. 

For Better updates and connection with my posts please click on the "Subscribe To My Feed" or enter your email in the "Subscribe through Email" boxes on the right hand panel and you will be intimated of all my latest posts as and when they are published. This will allow you to keep track of my posts and also be updated on the latest information without any further trouble.

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Please keep a watch for some amazing content coming up soon. Do keep Reading, Liking and commenting on my posts. 
Your Love, Blessings and Best Wishes are all I seek! 

Take Care, God Bless!