Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Vegetable and Fruit Carving Artists


Vegetable and Fruit Carving Artists

It is indeed a privilege and pleasure to have great Vegetable and Fruit Carving Artist Friends who have always supported, and motivated my Blog at Vegetable And Fruit Carving
It is these fantastic Artists who have been my inspiration and motivation to keep making this blog better and today I thank them and am proud to say that this Blog has achieved a Viewership of over 1,79,900 views of visitors from  over 193 different Countries all over the world.
My Facebook Page for Vegetable and Fruit Carvings at - https://www.facebook.com/Vegetable-and-Fruit-Carvings-288832714493988/
Has also achieved over 5500 Likes from all you wonderful Fans, Friends, Well Wishers and Artists who visit my page and comment and like my posts. 

Today I take this opportunity to thank some of them by posting a simple Name and Link List of some of those great friends. I have so many of them, but have listed out only some due to page restriction, but each of you has been equally valuable to me. This list will not only acknowledge personally my thanks to them but also share with other readers, about these artists in general. I have only tried to publish their Profile Image and Facebook Link, and if possible their site if they have mentioned it on their respective pages. I am sure all of us will be happy to share our like minded thoughts on  this great Thai Art of Vegetable and Fruit Carvings with one another. If I may have missed out on any I mean no disrespect or overlook so please accept my thanks all the same. 

Here are some of my best Friends in this Art with no specific order of importance, as all of them are geniuses in their own field.  I have linked their names with their Facebook Pages or mentioned their sites too.


You can Read my Post for Nitda Phongcharern here-

Amazing Carvings by Nitda Phongcharern

Khun Narata 

You can Read my Post for Khun Narata -

Khun Narata and her Fantastic Work of Carving

Boonmee Nishimoto 

You can Read my Post for her at - Carvings by Boonmee Nishimoto

James Parker's profile photoJames Parker 

Pavel Hrcan's profile photoPavel Hrcan 

Read my Post for him -Vegetable and Fruit carving Videos of Pavel Hrcan

Image result for Domenico Lucignano  Domenico Lucignano  

Many thanks to all others listed below by name only with links to their respective Facebook Pages...

Nita Gill

Parul Lalka 

Nitchapan Munkong 

Selena Ze Arteest 

Takashi Itoh 

Jimmy Zhang 

Gung De Chitrasena 

Jesus Veiga 

Malai Drake 

Francesco Pinto 

Maria Chernets 

Catalina Feng Her Page at -https://www.facebook.com/catalinafeng/

Komkrit Chaisri 

Laong Wan Hertz - (Siam Carving Academy) 

Papillon Paolo Pachetti 

Vlado Novoselec 

Sureshbabu Swamikannu 

Ray Vimanloy 

Vlatko Aleksoski II 

Roseli Matsukita 

Francisco Vita - His site - www.cheffranciscovita.com.br 

Read my Post for Him at -

Vegetable and Fruit Carvings By Chef Francisco Vita

Jerzy Jasiński 

Loic Martius 

Malgorzata Krause and her site -http://krause.decora.biz/

Thot Kinji - His Blog -http://thotkinji.blogspot.in/

Rosario Galifi 

Salvatore Cerreto 

Ofelia Audry 

Pedro Alexandre Beltrão 

Edibleglamour Fruit Carvings site at


Thai Carving Malee site at -http://www.maleecarving.com/

Sơn Carving 

Phuc Nguyen 

Hitomi Tanaka 

George Manea 

B Boy Vtn 

Sop SuSu 

Nyok Ching Wong 


Nguyen Ngoc Nga 

Mihalj Miki Siladji 

Gifted Hands (Master Bling) 

Francesco Scravaglieri 

And many many more......

Once again a big Thank you Dear Friends for your motivation, support, love and Blessing without which I would not have been able to achieve what I have done with this Blog. Looking forward to associating with more Artists and to take the Blog to greater heights.