Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Papillon" Paolo Pachetti’s Extraordinary Art

"Papillon" Paolo Pachetti’s 
Extraordinary Art

In my continued efforts to meet more distinguished and accomplished Artists from this wonderful Art of Vegetable and Fruit Carving, I recently connected with Paolo Pachetti through Facebook, while chatting on a post I had recently posted. What a privilege and pleasure to be connected and knowing this multi-faceted artist.

 Paolo Pachetti comes across as a very friendly, but professional Artist, totally accomplished in his Art which I intend to humbly try and bring to you in this post. 


Born in Livorno in 1952, Pachetti is an artistic Bartender. He own a bar called Papillon and now he travel the word searching new sponsors and awards for his fantastic works.

When Paolo Pachetti uses his knife, he is fast, accurate and self-confident. In few moments he is able to create extraordinary and nice decorations for cocktails. But it's true passion are sculpture made with fruit, an activity started in 1989 to attract customers in his bar.

Paolo Pachetti’s art, through his way of sculpturing, provides a new way of expressing feelings and emotions using fruits.
Paolo Pachetti also has such an unusual passion for teaching and spreading his art that he could be called “Master”. He loves handing down his technique; a technique that makes it easy to create some very simple fruit sculptures which, at the same time, have a great visual effect being used like decorations for cocktails or for tables. Big fruit sculptures, on the other hand, require creativity and manual ability to create shapes and characters to be used in TV advertisements and cinema.

His personally created and invented Art Method is copyrighted and registered in SIAE for all the world.

There is so much you could go writing about his art and all that he does which is so well displayed and given in detail on his Website at

His exhaustive site gives you all details and links to his carvings, his Fruit Toys, Fruit Bouquets, World Shows, DVD;s, and much more. A sure MUST VISIT SITE.

He also conducts various Courses which can be accessed at this link here on his site ...

More about him here...

You can catch upon his YouTube Channel at

His Facebook Page is at -

Google+ at

I could go on writing about him and his work , but leave it to you to visit his site, his page, his YouTube Channel and even interact with him to know more about this amazing Artist.

I wish him all the best, and am sure that his art and methods will cross more international boundaries and reach more people so very eager to learn his art.

God Bless!

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