Sunday, July 26, 2015

Amazing Food Carving Artist Shevron Cameron

Amazing Food Carving Artist Shevron Cameron

In my continued effort to portray the work of wonderful Vegetable, Fruit, Ice, Butter, Soap and other Food Carving Artists, I recently came upon this wonderful young Artist Shevron Cameron. This is a post dedicated to his work and creations. I am sure you will love and appreciate his work, and I wish him Luck and all Success in his endeavors!

Shevron Cameron, a dashing young, and enthusiastic lad 26 years old, born and raised in a small community called Springfield, St.James Jamaica, has made it with his hard work, dedication and deep interest in this wonderful Thai Art of Carving to come up in life in a big way. He has been doing this work of carving for over 4 years  now and currently working in the United States as a Grande Manager. 

This is not where his dream ends, in fact with his growing skills, and enthusiasm he is looking forward to opening his own Culinary Arts School in the near future and we wish him all the Best!

No doubt that with his skills he has been adjudged the
2013 taste of Jamaica Fruits and Vegetables Carving Champion!  (some of his images are shown below)


Shevron has been doing various types of Carving which include: 

Vegetable and Fruit Carvings, as seen below:

Some of his wonderful Pumpkin Carvings:

You can see the finesse and delicate but intricate work he has done even on other mediums.

Butter Carvings:

Not the least to mention that he deft at creating Ice Sculptures or Ice carvings too some of which can be seen below!

So you can see that this young Artist Shevron Cameron is going great guns and has a lot more to achieve which he is doing so with his dedication and hard work.

You can find more of his work at his FanPage on Facebook aptly named - "Gifted Hands By Master Bling" -

You can see more of his fantastic work on that page and I am sure you will all not only like his work and page but wish him all success as I do in all his future endeavors! 

Way to go Shevron Cameron - Wishing you all the Best and God Bless!