Monday, January 12, 2015

Vegetables Fruits and Destinations

Vegetables Fruits and Destinations

Continuing on my effort to bring to my viewers the best information about Vegetable and Fruit Carvings, Tools, Accessories, Videos, Books, CD's, etc, I thought of giving them something more! In one of my earlier Posts I had mentioned that I would be writing about the various Fruits and Vegetables used for carving along with images and videos of those carvings. I have further worked on this and will be now posting various articles and posts not only introducing the Fruits and Vegetables used for carving, but also giving details of the places they come from,where they are grown, and also some information about those places and Tourist locations, with Travel information as well. 

This will not only make the post and article more interesting for all my wonderful readers but also enlighten the readers about the locations,the climate, and destinations to visit. 

Vegetables and Fruits grow in many countries, but are mostly native to specific countries whose topographical and climatic conditions allow the fruit to grow in abundance and also enhances the quality, texture, and taste of the fruit or vegetable. Many exotic fruits and vegetables are unique to a particular country or climate and are alien to people from other countries. Few people have even heard or seen the Fruit or Vegetable in their whole life, let alone taste it. This prompted me to bring forward this special Vegetable, Fruit and Destination series of Post starting with one shortly. 

My first Post to come would be none other than Fruits found in Thailand the very mother of the Art of Vegetable and Fruit Carvings. This will be followed by a series of similar posts which will not only give a brief description of the variety of Fruits or Vegetables found in those countries or destinations, along with some work of carving of some of those fruits and videos if available. This will be complimented with a small write-up on the Destination itself, its climate, geographic location, and Travel Destinations with some links to the best Travel Facilities available in those locations. 

I am sure all you readers will like this whole new way of bringing forward to you this wonderful art of Vegetable and Fruit Carving!

As always your views, comments, and suggestion via the comment box will be invaluable and highly appreciated. 

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