Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mixed Fruit and Veg Bouquet By Chef Sandeep Pandey

Mixed Fruit and Veg Bouquet By Chef Sandeep Pandey

Ever since I have been following and watching Chef Sandeep Pandey's Fruit and vegetable Carving videos, I have been mesmerized by his art, and the way his deft fingers work on the medium that he uses to create exquisite works of art. Without a doubt I have become his great fan. This video is another portrayal of his wonderful art. Sandeep Pandey shows us how to make a central display for your table with these tips and tricks on making a mixed fruit and vegetable bouquet. A unique way to impress your dinner guests. You will need various fruit & veg - orange, courgette, carrots, cucumber, cantalope, beetroot, radish and tooth pics!Keep watching and I can assure you, are going to stay glued to the video! Great Work Chef Sandeep! We love you!

More Exquisite Carving Videos coming up!

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