Thursday, May 22, 2014

Introduction to Carving Tools By Chef Sandeep Pandey

Introduction to Carving Tools By Chef Sandeep Pandey

It is no doubt that the Art of Carving Vegetables and Fruits looks like magic to the viewer, as we watch these wonderful Artists Carve our marvelous creations from the medium that they use. All the same as Chef Sandeep Pandey himself always highlights on his videos - WARNING: Working with knives and peelers can be dangerous Extreme care must be taken when working with knives and fruits or vegetables. Children should not attempt Fruit or Vegetable Carving in the absence of adult supervision.

But in this video Chef Sandeep illustrates how to carve vegetables with various tools, using a Butternut Squash.. Pay close attention to how he works and also listen carefully while he works his way on the medium he is using which is a Butternut Squash. Once again, as always just too good to watch and learn!


More Carving Tools lesson videos coming up!

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