Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Carving a Cantaloupe Melon with With Sandeep Pandey, Chef

Carving a  Cantaloupe Melon with With Sandeep Pandey, Chef

Leaving you with a wonderful video of Chef Sandeep Pandey working his deft fingers on a Cantaloupe Melon to create a superb masterpiece just before your eyes! Even before you can see him hold the Melon and explain to you the steps a wonderful Carved Melon appears before your eyes. As he always recommends on all his videos  
WARNING: Working with knives and peelers can be dangerous.
Extreme care must be taken when working with knives and fruits or vegetables. Children should not attempt Fruit or Vegetable Carving in the absence of adult supervision.
Enjoy the video!

More wonderful videos coming up!

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