Monday, January 20, 2014

Fruit and Vegetable Carving Knives and Tools Sets

Fruit and Vegetable Carving Knives and Tools Sets

Here are a collection of Fruit and Vegetable Carvings Knives and tools sets that will be of interest to you for sure!

Fruit & Vegetable Carving Knives, Set A

by Kom Kom.


  • Super sharp 3 piece carving knife set with wood handle.
  • Created especially for the art of vegetable & fruit carving.
  • Set includes: Bird's beak carving knife, a special curved blade seeding knife, and a larger slicing knife for fruits and vegetables.
  • High quality for professional carving at a low price!
  • High carbon stainless steel blades, hardened and tempered.
  • High-end imported carving tools, made from from high quality stainless steel.
  • Save time on repetitive fruit and vegetable carving tasks.
  • Light, durable, and versatile tools essential for modern fruit and vegetable garnishes.
  • Each tool is intelligently designed with a 'U' and 'V' shape to create clean cuts of fruit and veggies with maximum efficacy and minimum fuss.
  • Four piece fruit and vegetable garnishing set designed for fruit carving.
  • Consturcted of strong stainless steel.
  • This corrugated carving set includes four double-sided tools.
  • A compact way of having 8 garnishing tools!

3 pcs Carving Kitchen Knives Tools Cutlery Fruit Vegetable Knife Cutter Pumpkin.


  • 100 % Brand New Without Package
  • Material : Stainless Steel , Wood (Wood handle color may be different from photos. It depend on kind of wood)
  • 1 . Bland : Stainless & 1 1/4 inches ( 3 cm.) Handle : Wood & 4 inches (10 cm.)
  • 2. Bland : Stainless & 2 inches ( 5 cm.) Handle : Wood & 4 inches (10 cm.)
  • 3. Bland : Stainless & 2 1/2 inches (6.5 cm.) Handle : Wood & 3 inches ( 8 cm.)


Take you Pick while I bring to you a great collection of Culinary Carving Tool sets of Larger size and greater number of tools in one set!

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