Friday, October 11, 2013

Garnishing with Chef Johan

Garnishing with Johan!

As usual I was browsing for some great videos when I came upon a series of videos of ARS Executive Chef Johan Jansen who makes it look so easy.

Here are some of his unique carving videos. ARS Executive Chef Johan Jansen does some more garnishes. This one is a zucchini pinwheel. Very easy once you get them sliced. Well I posted it as I liked the ease with which he did it, obviously it's going to take a lot of practice for the layman. Enjoy the Pinwheels!

 Here Chef Johan shows how to pick a great pineapple, how to slice it, and even how to make a tropical drink cup out of it.

Johan does some quick and easy garnishes with carrots, and a similar one you can do with squash.

Here is a Mushroom Carving done by Chef Johan.

Here Johan does an amazing flower with a cabbage.

To finish off this interesting post is A quick garnish to go on top of parfait desserts. A Strawberry Carving!


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