Friday, October 11, 2013

Plate Painting By Chef Johan

Plate Painting by Chef Johan

We have already watched some great Carving Videos. Here is a great video which I stayed glued to and repeatedly watched that video in awe at the way Chef Johan makes those wonderful Plate Decorations.

You could just decorate your plates for your carving platters or even make a wonderful presentation for your Cakes and Pastries!

Have fun decorating your dessert plates.! 

Garnishing with Chef Johan

Garnishing with Johan!

As usual I was browsing for some great videos when I came upon a series of videos of ARS Executive Chef Johan Jansen who makes it look so easy.

Here are some of his unique carving videos. ARS Executive Chef Johan Jansen does some more garnishes. This one is a zucchini pinwheel. Very easy once you get them sliced. Well I posted it as I liked the ease with which he did it, obviously it's going to take a lot of practice for the layman. Enjoy the Pinwheels!

 Here Chef Johan shows how to pick a great pineapple, how to slice it, and even how to make a tropical drink cup out of it.

Johan does some quick and easy garnishes with carrots, and a similar one you can do with squash.

Here is a Mushroom Carving done by Chef Johan.

Here Johan does an amazing flower with a cabbage.

To finish off this interesting post is A quick garnish to go on top of parfait desserts. A Strawberry Carving!


Striped Carved Watermelon Bowl By Nita Gill

Striped Carved Watermelon Bowl 

By Nita Gill.

Nita Gill Presents - How to make beautiful watermelon fruit salad bowls that are more impressive than your ordinary watermelon basket or watermelon bowl. Star spangled red, white and blue fruit salad makes this perfect for any occasion. A slowly and well explained video that gets you to the final masterpiece!

Always have been a great fan of her work, so here is one that is just great!

Don't forget to listen to the Watermelon App part in the Video. A bit longer video but worth the wait, so take your time and watch this wonderful video.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Great Vegetable Carving Books

Here are some great books I found about Vegetable Carving. There are so many of them and I thought I should showcase some of them for you. I hope you like them. Enjoy reading and Happy Carving!

The Perfect Pumpkin: Growing/Cooking/Carving
By Gail Damerow.

Short description:
Learn how to grow and harvest more than 95 varieties of pumpkins, and then use them in any number of ways--carve fabulous jack o'lanterns, make luxurious pumpkin soap and bath oil, and enjoy more than 30 delicious recipes, including Pumpkin Brioche, Pumpkin-Tomato Soup with Basil, Fried Pumpkin Blossoms, Double Ginger Pumpkin Pie with Bourbon, and even Pumpkin Beer!

 Extreme Pumpkin Carving
 Description:Providing a new twist on a holiday tradition, Extreme Pumpkin Carving, 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded illustrates how to carve three-dimensional faces and scenes in solid pumpkins (no hollowing necessary) using tools ranging from kitchen knives to carving gouges and chisels. Complete information is provided for getting started, including an overview of tools and tips for finding the best pumpkin to work with. Step-by-step instructions are detailed for using handy household tools to carve dramatic Halloween figures, and using professional tools for creating more elaborate and intricate details. Twenty fun pumpkin carving patterns are provided, along with full-color photographs of each finished carving. This is a great book for Halloween enthusiasts who are striving to create the best jack-o'-lantern on the block.

Edible Art: Tricks and Tools for Master Centerpieces
 Narahenapitage Sumith Premalal De Costa

 Description: Sculpture created from fruits and vegetables will challenge you, and amaze your guests. Simple techniques and tools make it possible to create absolutely stunning centerpieces that will be the talk of the party. Butterflies and rosebuds from colorful beets, carrots, and radishes are easily crafted. Elaborate melon lanterns and "flower" filled vases are crafted step-by-step in pictures, making it easy for you to follow the directions. Twenty-five splendid projects promise to delight dinner guests, and gratify their maker. An inexpensive hobby, food sculpture becomes a priceless addition to any table setting. This book will show you how to create imaginative centerpieces like a pro.

 Food Art 
By - John Gargone

Illustrated with over 370 beautiful color photos, John Gargone takes readers step-by-step through the process of creating garnishes that are stunning works of edible art. Follow the straight-forward, systematic instructions and you will produce displays that guests will never forget, including border garnishes, salad and table centerpieces, fruit displays ranging from bird cages to watermelon wedding vases, melon sculpture displays, and masterpieces in cheese, vegetables, and deli spreads. Additionally, this book is packed with knife handling techniques, tricks of the trade, and recipes that will give you the confidence and knowledge to create food arrangements quickly, many of which may be reused over several days. This book is a must for every chef, whether cooking for family and friends or catering to thousands!