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Messages Found with the Carving Knife: Volume 1

Book Description: Messages Found with the Carving Knife," by Pam Maneeratana, offering 162 pages of full color photographs of her favorite carved pieces accompanied by words of encouragement and enlightenment.This is not the how to book, but it is about the creation of carving fruit and vegetable into, along with the wisdoms Pam got from all those years of teaching carving.

 I have always been a fan of Pam Maneeratana and have posted many times about her work and her carvings on my blog here. This time I just couldn't wait to see this book and had no choice but to bring to your attention. So make best use of it. Please find a fantastic Review of this book below.

Book Review by - Rachel Jagareski --Fore Word Clarion Review, December 16, 2010 

Crafts and Hobbies Messages Found With The Carving Knife Pam Maneeratana CreateSpace Five Star ( out of Five ) The Thai tradition of fruit and vegetable carving, or Kae-Sa-Luk, is showcased in Pam Maneeratana's book Messages Found with the Carving Knife. While not an instructional book, this volume is a good visual introduction to this ancient art of carving. It displays the range of intricate patterns and structures that the artist fashions out of common fruits and vegetables and will be an inspiration to crafters, caterers, and artists. Each photo of the artist's carvings is balanced with a short statement about her artistic motives and personal philosophy, so this book also has appeal as an inspirational title. Maneeratana immigrated to the United States from her native Bangkok with her restaurateur husband and found that the meditative aspects of planning and executing her increasingly more elaborate carvings was a welcome respite. She had studied Kae-Sa-Luk as a school girl but was not interested in practicing the art until she began to create garnishes and centerpieces for the family restaurant. Her passion led the author to produce several DVDs about carving techniques, teach master classes and travel around the US., giving lectures and demonstrations. Shot against the tropical vegetation of her new Florida home, Maneeratana's exquisitely carved sculptures are perfectly captured in numerous color photographs by Shauna Lillywhite. Many examples sport geometric or botanical surface patterns, while other carvings are more sculptural and rendered in images of fanciful birds, teapots, exotic flowers or mushrooms. The vegetable kingdom is well-represented by the variously-transformed squashes, melons, and every sort of root vegetable. Carrots become goggle-eyed goldfish; a shapely eggplant get a full skirt of cascading leaves; jalapenos turn into curly lilies with seedpod centers. Watermelon carvings really highlight Maneeratana's masterful skills. She is able to subtly use the inner rind of the watermelons to highlight the outlines of her delicate forms. And then there are the pumpkins! No mere grinning Jack-o-lanterns here; pumpkin carving is taken to new heights with nighttime images of Maneeratana's illuminated lanterns adorned with intricately carved demons, spiders, flowers, feline faces and spiral motifs. As Maneeratana notes, the carving process is more important than the final perishable artwork. "Every time I carve, I concentrate on each cut, one after another....After an hour of concentration on each cut and planning for the next cut, my mind is isolated from any worries- and I am fulfilled. I achieved my goal- a clear mind. The beauty of the carved fruit is a wonderful by-product." Another fantastic by -product of Maneeratana's time spent carving is this very book. It introduce Western readers to Kae-Sa-Luk and to the creative possibilities of fruit and vegetable carving. It is like reading the equivalent of a fireworks display, with so many displays of visual bravura leading up to a finale of awe-inspiring images. 
Rachel Jagareski --Fore Word Clarion Review, December 16, 2010

Special Note by Publisher:

From the Publisher

This book is one of a kind book. It's a breath taking when open the book. Once it's open, you will enjoy one page after another. Pam transfers her experience in teaching fruit and vegetable for all those 28 years through the pictures of her carved fruit and the words of wisdom.
Enjoy the Book!

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