Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fruit Bytes with Sandeep Pandey a Series of Wonderful Carving Videos

Fruit Bytes with Sandeep Pandey a Series of Wonderful Carving Videos

Let us start with 

Introduction to Fruit and Vegetable carving 

Introduction to Fruit and Veg Carving with Sandeep Pandey that can be used for your starter plates, main course plates, buffets and all. To get started, You will need a paring knife, chopping knife, peeler, tomatoes, cucumbers and beetroot. A very unique way to get creative with your fruit and vegetables!



Courgette and Peppers Bouquet

Sandeep Pandey shows us a lovely table garnish out of peppers and a courgette. All you need is the vegetables and a good knife. Impress your guests with your own unique, table display creation made out of veg. 



Mixed Fruit and Veg Bouquet

 Sandeep Pandey shows us how to make a central display for your table with these tips and tricks on making a mixed fruit and vegetable bouquet. A unique way to impress your dinner guests. You will need various fruit and veg - orange, courgette, carrots, cucumber, canalope, beetroot, radish and tooth pics! 



Carved Watermelons

How to carve a simple flower out of a watermelon that can make a very impressive display at a buffet. You will need a peeler, carving knife and chopping knife along with a large watermelon to get started. 



More of Sandeep Pandey Vegetable and Fruit Carving Videos in my next post. Have a great time!

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