Thursday, February 28, 2013

Soap Carvings By Elena Tabaeva

Soap Carvings By Elena Tabaeva 
(aka Selena Ze Arteest)

Well its always a pleasure and privilege posting this information for me as I have created this blog with a single minded intention to spread word about this fantastic art to all those who love this art. I have been flooded with requests from so many friends and fellow Fruit,Vegetable, Soap Carving Artists to portray their work on this blog, and I totally am privileged to do so.

While reading around I came across this wonderful blog where I found that the author was already showcased on my Blog earlier, as she conducts Fruit and vegetable carving classes in Russia, while also doing carving tools and books distribution. I found that she had displayed some of her wonderful Soap carvings on the Blog, so I thought of once again posting about her and highlighting her work and her own Blog. Here she is...

Selena Ze Arteest
(Elena Tabaeva)
+7 (4242) 40-16-49
Sakhalin Island, Russia
selen15367 (@)

When I saw the soap carving in one of her posts I quickly thought of posting it here along with basic details of her blog so you can all visit the blog and check out about her by clicking on the Tabs here which are already linked to the respective Blog pages-  Carving Tutorials, Tools, Classes, Candy Bouquets, and Soap Carvings.

Her Blog name is 

Fruit Carving Arrangements and Food Garnishes

Check out this nice blog which I liked a lot as it covers a lot of information that will interest all readers. 

I also wish her the very Best in her work and look forward to seeing more of her work!

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