Thursday, February 28, 2013

Soap Carvings By Elena Tabaeva

Soap Carvings By Elena Tabaeva 
(aka Selena Ze Arteest)

Well its always a pleasure and privilege posting this information for me as I have created this blog with a single minded intention to spread word about this fantastic art to all those who love this art. I have been flooded with requests from so many friends and fellow Fruit,Vegetable, Soap Carving Artists to portray their work on this blog, and I totally am privileged to do so.

While reading around I came across this wonderful blog where I found that the author was already showcased on my Blog earlier, as she conducts Fruit and vegetable carving classes in Russia, while also doing carving tools and books distribution. I found that she had displayed some of her wonderful Soap carvings on the Blog, so I thought of once again posting about her and highlighting her work and her own Blog. Here she is...

Selena Ze Arteest
(Elena Tabaeva)
+7 (4242) 40-16-49
Sakhalin Island, Russia
selen15367 (@)

When I saw the soap carving in one of her posts I quickly thought of posting it here along with basic details of her blog so you can all visit the blog and check out about her by clicking on the Tabs here which are already linked to the respective Blog pages-  Carving Tutorials, Tools, Classes, Candy Bouquets, and Soap Carvings.

Her Blog name is 

Fruit Carving Arrangements and Food Garnishes

Check out this nice blog which I liked a lot as it covers a lot of information that will interest all readers. 

I also wish her the very Best in her work and look forward to seeing more of her work!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Welcoming All Vegetable, Fruit, Soap and Ice Carving Artists!

Welcoming All Vegetable, Fruit, Soap and Ice Carving Artists!

Thank you all Vegetable, Fruit, Soap, and Ice Carving Artists!

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all my wonderful friends and Artists who are masters in their own field of Vegetable, Fruit, Soap and Ice carvings who I have tried to feature and write about on my Blog Vegetable and Fruit Carving -  I also have a Facebook Page for this site. The Twitter Id is vegfruitcarving .

I am happy to mention that because of you wonderful friends and readers and patrons this blog has reached a Visitor Page View of over 1,43,000 viewers from over 180 countries all over the world. This would not have been possible without your support and motivation for which I thank you all once again.

Special thanks to all those viewers and visitors who are reading my blog and also following it. I keep getting messages from you all to keep writing more and posting more information, which I could not attend to. I sincerely appologize for the delay and gap in posting due to some inevtiable circumstances, and also as I was busy caught up with many of my other blogs. But I am back now. 

As you are all aware that it is my privilege to keep posting about you wonderful artists, who carve exquisite Vegetable, Fruit, Soap Carvings besides Ice carvings as well. I am very eager to highlight and showcase the work of all you wonderful artists on my Blog, and I have already done so for some of my wondeful friends which you can see in the list mentioned at the end of this post. I once again invite all my wonderful friends who would like your work and profile to be featured on this blog to write to me at this special email that I have now created for all information about this blog at -

You can send me basic details like Full Name,Profession or Professional Status: (Such as Vegetable and Fruit Carver, Chef, Writer, Blogger, Businessman, Entrepreneur…..), Your Address or Location if you want people to contact you, other Contact Information: Such as Best reached/used email, Screen names and Messenger Id such as Skype, Gtalk, Windows live, Yahoo etc. along with links to your specific websites including any special sites that you promote or advocate for, and any Groups on Facebook , with a brief description about those sites if possible. In case you are conducting any training for the art that you practise please feel free to give full details about the course , with timings, fees, or even a link to your page.

You may please also attach or send URL of the best Photograph you would like to be posted as your profile Photo in the Blog post. Any other images if you want may also be sent in the mail. 

Also either send me the images you want me to post on your article or give me permission to pick up relevant images from your Websites or Facebook pages to add to my article about you. I have requested for this permission from you because many Artists do not give permission / consent to publish images or information from their sites, and I do not want to infringe any Personal, Professional, Business or Intellectual Rights or Copyright of your site. I have already posted a disclaimer to that effect at the bottom of my post but this is to make it sure that I don’t override anyone's personal or intellectual rights.

Feel free to provide any additional information which I may have missed out on the above list, which you would like added and it will be done.

If any one of you has a Website with an affiliate program attached to it please do inform me so that I can join that site and post your banners and links on my blog.

Most Important: Please specifically mention in your mail your permission allowing me to use Images, content from your site for writing on my Blog , or for creating any Videos as this approval is required when creating videos on Youtube and also if accessing Copyrighted sites. If you feel I should read and write after seeing your site myself you can only send me a mail confirming your interest to having your work portrayed on my blog and that you give me the permission to access your site and use the images and content on it for writing about you on my blog and I will do the necessary. As I also create Videos, if you would like me to create some nice videos of your work you may send me the permission to use the images from your sites to create my Video which of course will be again displayed on my Vegetable and Fruit Carving Blog and also another Blog which I have for videos - The Best Videos Blog.

Any artist who is doing Ice Carvings specially or has Training and Courses for this art as well, may send me your details making special mention of it in the subject line, as I also have another Blog which showcases Ice carvings which is at – Ice Carvings and Ice Sculptures

Some of the posts that I have written earlier about Wonderful Vegetable And Fruit Carving Artists are given below , and I look forward to seeing you as one of my next posts.

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Besides this I have also posted about various good sites, so whenever you give me your permission and write to me I will review the site and write a wonderful article about it. A link of that page will also be sent to you so you can see it and you are free to write to me for any changes or additions if you so require , and I will be happy to do so. I will be a great privilege and honor for me to portray the work of hundreds of fantastic Artists like you on my blog, so please feel free to send me your details along with approval/permission as mentioned above. 

Looking forward to lots more Vegetable, Fruit, Soap, and Ice Carving Artists shared on my Blogs! Let the mails flow!