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Vegetable and Fruit Carvings By Chef Francisco Vita

Vegetable and Fruit Carvings By Chef Francisco Vita

Continuing on my constant endeavour to publish and promote the wonderful work of Art of Vegetable and Fruit Catvings by various artists, I am privileged to publish the work created by my dear Friend Chef FranciscoVita. There is so much wonderful work that Chef FranciscoVita has done which you can also see on his site but I thought of posting some the best work he has done on this blog here. I will give you the links of the places where you can see more of his work, but for now enjoy the exquisite work created by Chef Francisco Vita.

At first let us have a brief overview of the Chef Francisco Vita's Profile!
Chef's Profile

Chef Francisco Vita:  Great grand son of Italian immigrant Giuseppe Vita, one of the founders of the industry "Guarana Fratelli Vita" in Pernambuco and Bahia, Brazil.

He has Abdicated 15 years ago of a successful career as Director in a international corporate to engage and developing exclusively his talent, becoming a Chef de Cuisine.

Here he offers only his facet of sculptor. He had the first contact with this food carving art in 2004 on his season working on ships cruises where he has closely observed the performance of some of the great masters of Asia.

About his work:
If you want to turn your party into something unforgettable
 surprising everyone with sculptures and Bouquets in high standard
 engage the Chef and he will come to you.
 We develop our work throughout Brazil and abroad.
While I take you through some of his work of art on various Vegetables, Fruits and even sculptures.


I am now eagerly waiting to publish some of his best work of carvings and leave it to you to visit his site and see more of his fantastic work. I am sure that you will be stunned by his work and stay glued to the site for long. Here are some of his best works which I personally liked. At present I will publish only some of the images in each category and rest you can see on the site itself where there are hundreds of images of his exquisite work.

I am sure you will have loved these images and are wanting to see more. Yes you can! I have given all the information about Chef Francisco Vitas' Profile and contact information here so you can browse through his site, or contact him personally. 

Let us also see what he has to offer and how you can contact him. 
You can catch up with Chef Francisco Vita at his site - 

At the site he mentions:  
We bring to you a little of this Milenar Thai-Art of Fruits and Vegetables Carving.
You can surprise your guests in many kinds of events like Weddings,
Graduations parties, Corporate parties and everything else according your creativity.
Please check their availability. 

Meet him an see his work 

On Facebook at - Francisco Vita

He is also available a

Chef Francisco Vita.

Skype: francisco.neto94   

I am sure that you will love this work of art created by Chef Francisco Vita. 

Keep a watch for more information about other such great Artists! Have a great time!

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