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Vegetable and Fruit Carving Books and Guides

Vegetable and Fruit Carving Books and Guides

Hi Friends, back after a long time. Appologise for the long wait, but will be up with some great posts and offers for you all!

This time I have come with a host of fantastic Products offers which I am sure will leave you all asking for more. In my first post I am bringing to you some great Vegetable and Fruit Carving Books, Guides, and VCD offered by the best in the class. My next posts would cover other items like Vegetable and Fruit Carving Tools etc. So keep a watch for the best to come!...Without much ado here are some of the best......

 "Fruit and Vegetable Carving: Food Craft at Your Fingertips" is a treasure trove of unusual ideas for vegetable garnishes, with step-by-step instructions on how to make them. Within the shape of a cucumber the author visualizes a boat, a bird or a lily and shows you how to reveal that shape. All you need is a small, sharp knife - no fancy equipment is required.Let's Have a Party offers recipes presented with a flair - a Peacock, crafted from carrots and spring onions, flaunts the Pinwheel Sandwiches in his tail - a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.In Vegetable Sculpture onions are reborn as Chrysanthemums; Swans fly out of radishes and Goldfish emerge from carrots. There are Coconut Palms and Carts - but most of all, there is inspiration to let your own imagination take over.Table Celebrations transform your table with lively tableaux - an apple-red Santa sits on a Reindeer-drawn pumpkin Sleigh for Christmas, waving to a jolly turnip Snowman...Snow White in a cabbage leaf skirt, with her loyal Seven Dwarfs, gather in front of their charming cucumber Cottage...Chinatown introduces the elegant Corn Doll who is Entertained by three Musicians with a banjo, trumpet and drum, near a Pagoda that is Intricately sculpted from a single carrot. Create a stamp of distinction, an aura of excitement, a mood of mellowness...Strike magic on your table and turn your next party into an unforgettable event.
A professional chef shares his secrets for creating exciting, attractive garnishes and food sculptures. Covers all aspects of formal food presentation, including how to draw, sculpt and build with fruit and vegetables, lay out a buffet table, arrange food on platters, chocolate artistry and more. Full-color photographs.

Complete fruit carving guide!

A complete fully illustrated guild on fruit carvings which covers -

Introduction,History,How to get started ,How long to get the expertise ,Instructions ,Thai Carving ,Patterns ,Watermelon Carving ,Watermelon Baby Buggy ,Watermelon Basketball ,Watermelon Swan ,Watermelon Whale ,Watermelon Ship ,Apple Leaf ,Carving a Green Mango ,Pineapple Butterflies ,Watermelon Smileys ,Romantic Watermelon ,Fruit Bouquet ,Watermelon Flower Garden ,Water Lilies ,Apple Carving ,Apple Design ,Chunks of Pineapple ,Carving Baby Pineapples ,Carving Papaya Leaves ,Carving Papaya Flowers and Leaf ,Carving Little Butterflies ,Carving Water Lilies from Papaya ,Carving Cantaloupe Green Rose ,Carving Styling Lotus from Cantaloupe ,Carving Cantaloupe Flower ,Carving Cantaloupe Dahlia ,Carving Cantaloupe Sunshine Flower ,Carving Cantaloupe Sunflower ,Carving Cotton Rose on Guavas ,Carving Guava Blossoms ,Carving Guava Bowl ,Carving Rose Apple Blossom ,Carving Tulips from Rose Apples ,Carving Mango Flower ,Carving Mango Dahlias ,Carving White Marigolds from Green Mango ,Carving Leafy Mangoes ,Fruit Carving Knife ,Decorating Knife ,Garnishing Tools ,Carving Knife ,Flexible Carving Knife and much more...!

Japanese cuisine is renowned for the beauty of its presentation. Among the key elements in this presentation style are mukimono--the decorative garnishes and carvings that add the final flourish to a dish. It might be a carrot round in the shape of a plum blossom. Or a scattering of cherry blossoms plucked from a radish. Perhaps a swallow, a butterfly, a ginkgo leaf or a cluster of pine needles. Whatever the motif, it will have been created to delight the eye and the palate with its shape, color, and taste.

The Decorative Art of Japanese Food Carving, internationally acclaimed chef Hiroshi Nagashima offers 60 edible garnishes and food carvings for home, party or professional use. Some are designed to be set on top of the food. Others are fashioned to hold the food--and sometimes, they simply are the food.

Each is introduced in full color, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, sample food arrangements, further ideas and secret, insider tips for successful presentation. Most are simple enough for the amateur chef to master, although a few are quite challenging and require much practice. Nagashima's instructions rely on household utensils found in a typical American kitchen--from knives to peelers to cookie cutters--and use familiar, easily attainable ingredients.
The Decorative Art of Japanese Food Carving is more than a practical handbook, however. It is also an inspiration book, filled with creative suggestions and inventive ideas to enhance and transform the way we cook.

More Books and guides to come for you soon! Keep a Watch for the best to come! 

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