Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chuncarve "Fruit Stylist" Warunee Tintamusik

Chuncarve "Fruit Stylist" - Warunee Tintamusik
Here is a fantastic Vegetable and Fruit carving artist and Instructor -Warunee Tintamusik - who has more than 15 years of experience and having won multiple awards at the Texas Culinary Salon Show at Dallas Convention Centers in 1990, the secrets of her more advanced techniques, designs, and unique styles will finally be revealed in this collection of videos, and information about her and her work. I have been following her work and videos for a long time and finally thought of writing about her and also promoting her work and videos on my Blog as is my privilege to do so for the so many fantastic artists like her who work wonders with their hands and create magic with Vegetables and Fruits. This is a small efort to salute her work!

Before I go on to publish some of her videos I would like to inform all my readers who may be already knowing her that you can get more information about her and her work. As she rightly mentions on her site and I quote - 

"Welcome to Chuncarve is the phrase used when referring to the Thai Culinary Art of Fruit and Vegetable Carving.

   Chuncarve slogan is “Fruit Stylist”. It because I create a beautiful design, style and reconstruct the art of food which I'm specialize in fruits and vegetables carving following the traditional Thai method of skill that has been originated practiced in the Royal Thai courts for centuries. "

 You can get more information from her site where she says -  “Chuncarve” is a place with a special purpose:
at http://www.wix.com/timmcarv/timm
our purpose is to sell fruit carving DVD, fruit carving and garnishing tools for affordable price. 

Her site is a treat to watch with the exquisite carvings she has displayed along with DVD Lessons and Tools sets available on the site.

Click here to see her profile at 

or Follow her on Twitter at -

 I will not waste any more time in writing about her as her work will speak for herself which you can see in this short introduction video which I have published here to give you a teaser or so about her work. You can see more of her videos at her Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/wtimm9. I can assure you that you will not stop watching her fantastic videos, which I am going to publish on my other blog soon.

Here is a few wonderful videos to start with which I liked very much!

Chuncarve Holiday Garnish.....where she has created these colorful carvings for this year holiday garnish ideas for anyone that looking for table garnish to greet your family and friends, enjoy her collection that she put together for you this year. Truly an exquisite collection.


 Chuncarve Fruit Platter

Chuncarve-Fruit Platter part 2 
I now leave it to all my wonderful readers and patrons to enjoy the wonderful work of art of Chuncarve "Fruit Stylist" Warunee Tintamusik.

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