Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Apple Swan Created by Mansi Kate

Apple Swan Created by Mansi Kate

I would once again like to thank all the wonderful Vegetable and Fruit carving Artists from whom we get inspired to do Carvings ourself. In my post some time earlier, I have to thank Nitda Phongcharern especially for the wonderful tool set she had presented me for the the Post I had published regarding her work on this blog. This tool set was the key to the motivation my daughter Mansi Kate (13 years old) got from constantly reading about and watching the videos of all you wonderful artists. If you wish you can read about this post at -Thank You Nitda Phongcharern and All Vegetable and Fruit Carving Artists She slowly started practising along with me and slowly picked up the art. Though she is a novice in this art, her dedication and liking for the carving art lead her to try out various other simple carvings like Carrot, Tomato, and cucumber which I have already published earlier. For those who have not seen them you can still see the carvings at this post -Vegetable Carving display by Mansi Kate. 

Further motivated by the work of art displayed by so many of the artists, she tried her hand at Fruit carving recently, after carefully and dilligently watching carving videos of various artists. Finally she got her hand on an Apple from which she created a Swan. I have posted the Apple Swan created by her which she did in one stroke, without any practise. Though it took her some time I am proud that she could create such a nice carving especially being her first Fruit Carving. Here is one of them.

As you will see her enthusiasm prompted her to experiment with two different colors of Apples, the Green Apple, and a Dark Red Apple which stands out in contrast. I am aware that this is a very simple carving as compared to the work of carving by expert carvers worldwide, but I have posted it here to motivate her further, as well as thank all those artists whose inspiration has led her to do this art.


I am sure she will learn from you all and create better carvings which we are already in the process of planning to display very soon. so keep a watch for our next set of Vegetable and Fruit carvings which is going to be surprise and a joint effort by me and Mansi together. Hope you all like it!

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