Monday, June 25, 2012

Edible Bouquets and Table Decorations for all Occasions.

Edible Bouquets and Table Decorations for all Occasions.

Continuing on my search for better Fruit and Vegetable Carving sites and displays I have found some wonderful sites and videos for making Edible Bouquets and Table Decorations for all occasions. With festive times always around the corner or even your wonderful guests just dropping down on you with a surprise, it is always good to have a trick up your sleeve, and stun your guests with your culinary art. So here are some sites which have some wonderful stuff, which you could first practise and add to your skills. Take your time and check out the sites, and maybe you could be having a wonderful evening at the table!

Here is a wonderful site I found that has loads of wonderful bouquets all ready to be served out to you. Besides Bouquets they also offer Party packs, and Gifts for occasions so check it out now!

They also have another site which is a new one which is specially catering to WEdding Table Decorations which you can check out at their banner below.

I have given you the direct link to the site so you can enjoy their work and even order some of their wonderful work from the site itself by calling them on the number they have given. So have a great time.

Here is a wonderful video from the same site above which shows the many arrangements and items that they offer. Wedding Table Decorations. Edible Bouquets Edible Arrangements. Fruit arrangements and decorations for Weddings. An edible bouquet or arrangement of fresh fruit, made to order and arranged and presented like a bouquet of flowers as a table decoration or centrepiece. Chocolate covered strawberries and marsh mellow kebabs arranged on a platter as a table decoration.

Looking out for some more wonderful sites and videos till you enjoy the above one. have a great time!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Great Sites to Read about Vegetable and Fruit Art

Hi Friends, it's been some time since I posted on this site, so sorry for the delay. Here I have come back with some great sites I browsed which gave so much information about Vegetable Fruit Carving Art. I have given you the direct links so that it will be easier for you to go to the site and check them out. They are just wonderful and I was amazed at what you could do with Vegetable and Fruits. I ams sure you too will like these sites. So without much ado get going anc check out these sites. Have a great time, while I browse for more information specific to Vegetable and Fruit Carving which I have already collected, but have to collate and post on this blog. Happy reading!

  • KAE-SA-LUK ...The Site of  Pam Maneeratana - Master Carver.
These are only some of the wonderful sites I was browsing through and thought of informing you as well so you could all benefit from their information and work. This Art is truly so great that one finds it captivating and mesmerisizing. I am sure you will make the best of the above sites, until I get back with more information.  Have a Great time!