Friday, January 20, 2012

Vegetable Carving display by Mansi Kate

Vegetable Carving display by Mansi Kate

Continuing on our efforts to try our hand at Vegetable and Fruit carvings, the gift from Nitda Phongcharern along with the Carving set was a welcome boost to our tryst with Carving. Last time I had exhibited one of our first carving efforts with a simple Kitchen knife, which is seen below. Very simple, or rather amateurish carving but it was a first step into this wonderful art. My daughter Mansi was not only overjoyed at receiving the set but got ready to start her first carving display. Though she had done some wondrful small Tomato and Carrot carvings earlier with the simple kitchen knife, which unfortunately I could not photograph, she tried her had at some simple sliced carrot and cucumber carvings which she has displayed in a plate. The cored remnants of both the carrot and cucumber have also been used as simple garnishing to compliment the colors.

I know again this is a very amateurish carving but for a 13 year old to take up this art only after reading my blog and being motivated by the wonderful artists I portray on my blog is commendable. I am sure she will learn from experience, as she has been watching the "Traditional Thai Fruit and Vegetable Carving" video CD by Sumalee Murphy over and over again, and I am sure she will come out with some wonders. I too will be trying my hand at carving as soon as I get time off from my busy schedule, so here are the two photographs of the Carrot and Cucumber sliced carvings Mansi made today. Both are the same plate,one only with a dash of flowers to brighten up the display! Hope you all like it. Will be back with some really good carvings as we are planning for a bigger Carving session either tomorrow or on Sunday being a weekly holiday for her from school. So enjoy!

is the first carving we had made with our simple kitchen knife set which was already displayed in my previous post.
This was a simple Tomato, Cucumber Radish, and Spring Onion Carving display!

What you see below are Simple Carrot and Cucumber Sliced Carvings Display by my Daughter Mansi.

The same plate has been photographed with a Floral display just to add color!
This was done only to highlight to her the effect simple floral or even additional display can have on the overall display of your Carvings. Every detail is important!
Friends, Proffesionals and experienced Vegetable Fruit Carvings please excuse our first efforts and I am sure we will come up with some mind boggling carvings in our next post! All this credit goes to the motivation you wonderful artists give us through your work! Thank you!


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