Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank You Nitda Phongcharern and All Vegetable and Fruit Carving Artists

Thank You Nitda Phongcharern!

I take this opportunity to Thank all my Friends, Readers and Patrons for reading, subscribing to my Blog, and constantly motivating me to do better. As you are all aware I have been posting about various wonderful Fruit and Vegetable Carving Artists all over the world and on Facebook as well, trying to display their work, their skills, courses if any and I do this unconditionally out of my own liking for this art. I have always enjoyed the arts and carving came to me naturally though I did not practise it at home. I used a simple home knife to do the carvings and kept experimenting on various Vegetables, but never took it seriously. Nor did I photograph the works so I could dislplay them to others. However recently I have taken more interest and even have one of my simple Vegetable Carving Displays shown below.

My intention to display the work of other Artists on my blog was to not only getting to know more about these artists and their art, but also readers who scan the web for various information could not get most of it on one Blog. To some extent I feel I have succeeded, and I will endeavour to do my best.

Due to my work I not only befriended so many wonderful artists on Facebook and other Social Networks that I was happily shocked how much this subject of Carving is liked by thousands of people. As you will see my Blog has crossed the 200,000 visitors mark at the time of sharing this post, for which I once again thank all my visitiors, patrons and subscribers. During this most of the Artists who I wrote about appreciated my efforts and there are many more about whom I have created write-ups but will require some time to publish the works.

Recently I had posted a few details about Vegetable Carvings and other Carving work done by Nitda Phongcharern. As most Artists do she too appreciated my work and furthermore surprised me when she said that she had sent me a Gift as a mark of appreciation for my posting about her work and her Classes on my Blog. This was most unexpected all the more undesired. When asked what was the reason for the gift as I never expected anything in return! Pat was her reply - "Because you are my friend and it is very hard to find a nice person like you and you do thing for other people from your kindness heart and I hope you like it." - I think this is my biggest present from any one. What more could I ask than for appreciation and realization from a person that I have done this only from my heart unconditionally as a true friend though we have never met and stay Miles and Continents apart! Today I received her present and like I said though her appreciation of my work was worth more than her Gift it will remain as a Token of her appreciation, and remind me that there are so many friends that really like me and my work from the bottom of their heart!

I take this opportunity to portray the Gift I received not as a commodity for display but my sincere appreciation towards Nitda for her kind gesture. Yes the Gift contained a wonderful DVD on Vegetable and Fruit Carving by Sumalee Murphy, a wonderful Veg and Fruit Carving Tools set and a Cute little Christmas Greeting! Thank you so much Nitda for your kind Gesture. I will cherish this gift very much, and now you can look forward to some great displays of Veg and Fruit Carvings from me myself, very soon - thanks to the Tool Set she has sent! I have also displayed a very simple and possibly one of my first Veg Carving Displays which me and My Daughter Mansi did together and luckily had photographed, for all of you to see. I will now photograph all my works and try to display them whenever I do so!

Here is the wonderful Gift I received from Nitda Phongcharern!
This is a close-up of the DVD and the Carving set.

Here I have posted the first set of Vegetable Carving displays I and my daughter Mansi (15 years old) did for a small Family Get together we had at home!

This was a simple carving of Tomatoes, Radish,Cucumber and Spring Onions I did with a simple Kitchen Knife so all you wonderful and Proffesional Artists please excuse me for the crude carving! I assure you that you are all in for some great surprises! It is all the motivation that I have received from all you wonderful Artists, please while I expressly thanked Nitda for the Gift I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to all Artist who have been a source of inspiration behind this Blog!
Please remember that your love, appreciation, guidance and motivation is my Biggest Gift!

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