Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some more fantastic Veg and Fruit Carving & Tools Videos

Back from a short gap for the New Year! Once again Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New year! Here are some fantatic Veg and Fruit carving videos I thought you would like to watch. They are very simple yet innovative and new. So tak your time and have a great day!
Armed with a paring knife and a little imagination, Chef Rick Z summons a heart-healthy sea monster from the depths of his produce bin.

Here is a quick Palm tree carving! Chef Rick is a stand-up guy that can make a salad stand up...literally. String up the tiki lights and throw your favorite old Les Baxter 45 on the turntable because the palm trees are swaying on the Isle of Chef Rick!

Here is a fantatic Wonder Knife the Chef demonstrates its use. Chef Rick Z slices, dices & brings down the house with a barrage of classic one-liners as he demonstrates "The Wonder Knife".

Chef Rick is back in black with the French Chef's Knife.

Hope You like these few videos I thought would lighten up your day especially with the Chef's witty talk! Take care!

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