Friday, December 16, 2011

Fruit Carving Ideas for Christmas

Here are a collection of Ideas and presentations you could use for Christmas. There are fruit carvings, Snowmanm Jingle Bells, Stars and the whole lot to make your Chirstmas brighter and tastier! Have a great time!

You could get more Ideas for Christmas food decoration from . The Fruit Snowman is made of apples. It's easy and fun! Enjoy the fruit sculpturing together with kids!

Wonderful Christmas Watermelon Carving!

Honeydew carved in Christmas bells on a fruit display with strawberries covered with chocolate. Enjoy!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Watch some really fantastic fruit and vegetable carvings and ideas at this Blog by Selena at
Fruit Carving Arrangements and Food Garnishes

Hope you like these ideas especially the last link where you will find so many ideas by Selena.

I'll be back with more!


  1. Thanks for posting about me :) I read your blog too. Have a good blogging time!

  2. Thank you Selena, in fact it is my privilege and pleasure to post information about such wonderful Artists like you. As you will see I constantly portray the work of art of so many Vegetable Fruit Carving artists.