Monday, December 19, 2011

Carving a Watermelon By Narongwacha Broytubtim

Carving a Watermelon By Narongwacha Broytubtim

Here is a step by Step Pictorial display of how to carve a Wonderful Watermelon displayed by Narongwacha Broytubtim. There are only a few images for each carving, but I am sure it will help the artists to get an idea of how to go about the work, and with practise you will be doing wonders!

Carving a Watermelon By Narongwacha Broytubtim

1. Start with a neat Circle, after you have peeled off the sking in the area you want to carve!

2. Carve deeper to reach more colorful part of the Watermelon so it gives you a better idea.

3. Creat the first layers of the Petals carefully on all sides so you can proceed further using them as a guideline.

4. Continue to the second layer in the same way trying to offset the layout so it looks like the petals of a flower!

5. Proceed carefully to complete the second layer which will give it a great look by now!

6. Add a Bud or a Leaf as per your liking. As you practise you will get an idea how you could do this.

7. As you go further layer by layer, with proper alignment and use of leaves and buds you will start getting the 3D effect with leaves.

8. As you go further and decide upon a final level of carving you will start admiring the effects and the work that has been done.

As I said only practise makes the man perfect, and these images and this series of Carving a Watermelon By Narongwacha Broytubtim will surely help you a lot. You may also acces these details at HOW TO CARVE A WATERMELON. Have a great time and watch my next post which is another watermelon carving by Narongwacha Broytubtim. I am sure you will love it.

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