Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy Fruit Carving Classes

Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy
The Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy in Bangkok offers a host of Fruit Carving Courses, besides cooking classes. For further details I will leave you with the links of this wonderful site, so that you can collect all information and join the classes as desired.

The Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy says " Welcome to Thailand, the home of Kae Sa Luk—the Thai term for the centuries old art of fruit and vegetable carving. Originally developed to enhance food presentation in the Royal Thai courts, this art has now gained acceptance in modern day culinary circles. Kae Sa Luk is recognized as an original form of art, one which converts fruits, vegetables, and even soaps into creative master pieces. Competitions are held worldwide. This art form is widely practiced in Thailand. Come join us and learn for yourself a new hobby while impressing your friends, guests, and customers back home.Fruit carving adds so much to a served meal. What a great way to impress your friends and customers. It demonstrates to them that they are very important to you. This in turn adds value to the meal being served. Your friends and customers will recognize this, and you will directly benefit from this perception too. This is a win-win for all."

For further course details and to join click on the image below or at the top and you will be taken to the Page where all details of the classes are offered.
Hope you all have a great time checking out the fantastic courses they offer, and it will sure help you in your work and career for those professionals who are in this Art of Vegetable and Fruit Carving!

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