Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Banana Carving Art

The Banana Brigade!
Banana Carving Art
To Eat or Art on Bananas!
Here are a collection of pictures I received in my email of wonderful carvings on Banana! Innovative, delicately carved images, that require a deft hand with a soft touch to get the effects that you see here. Enjoy the Images!

Well now that's much more clear!

Now this guy is taking it seriously! Don't get angry!

Poor guy it looked like the artist lost his cool and
beheaded him but he came back with a vengeance!

Now that's a nasty face to make! You could scare the kids!

That's much better!
Woo Hooo! that dragon looks mean!
And to accompany it you have a meaner Boss!

Hee Hee Hee Hee! Looks like the Boss has the dragon dancing to its tune!

Hey! did I see you somewhere in London! Yes you Bet!

Now that's too much of a load on the poor man's head!
But his friend seems to be happy with the short hat!

Anyways I am going to have the last laugh!

Keep smiling! Hope you all enjoyed the Banana Brigade and while I keep looking out for more, why don't you try your hand at carving some Bananas like the ones you saw here!

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