Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Watermelon Carving by Narongwacha Broytubtim

Another Watermelon Carving by Narongwacha Broytubtim

Here is another set of wonderful Watermelon Carving instructions with images by Narongwacha Broytubtim. As you will see in the instructions below this carving is more intricate and delicate, so you will be able to learn both the simple carving of the previous post and a delicate carving in this post directly from the post given with the link at the end of the page.

1. Draw a large circle anywhere on a watermelon. Then draw six petal designs pointed inwards.

2. Carve out the petals to show some watermelon red. Carve the underside of the petals thinly to make room for several additional layers underneath.

3. Round the area under the first layer of petals. Draw and carve out smaller second layer of petals in-between the first petals.

4. Continue to the third layer of petals. Then prepare to carve several layers into a bowl shape.
5. Make rows of small designs downwards, working gingerly in-between the long outer petals.

6. The depth and the curve give the desired dimensions.
7. Start the outwards layer of petals.

8. Create large petals to offset the detailed designs of the center. Continue with leaves and clusters of buds as you please.
Hope you like these carving instructions. For further details you may read the actual site at -Another Watermelon Carving by Narongwacha Broytubtim.

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