Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Siam Carving Academy

As I usually do I was scanning the web for some wonderful sites which I could share with you wonderful patrons of the Art of Vegetable and Fruit carvings and happened to find this wonderful Academy - Siam Carving Academy. In my effort to bring you all the best of this wonderful Art of Carving I have dedicated this post and the next few posts to this wonderful Academy which has so much to offer for the Enthusiasts and patrons of Vegetable and Fruit Carvings. I have posted a section of their About us for your review and linked all site links directly to their site with due credit as you will be able to get their information first hand. I am sure you will all take full advantage of this site, their online training, the products they offer and of course learn from some of their best Trainers and Fruit Carving Masters! Have a great time.

What they have to say!....

Started in (Year 2005) the Siam Carving Academy

The Siam Carving Academy is recognized worldwide as one of the best places to learn the culinary art of Fruit & Vegetable Carving.

We provide fruit and vegetable carving courses held in Bangkok, Thailand and we also provide onsite training in locations worldwide.

In addition to teaching fruit and vegetable carving we also create spectacular fruit and vegetable carving presentations for your special event.

Our courses are led by International award winning and distinguished Master Carver Laong (Wan) Hertz, who has received a Gold Medal Award from Salon Culinare and 1st Place Award in the Brazilian Watermelon Carving Cup.

What is Fruit and Vegetable Carving?

The traditional culinary art form of fruit and vegetable carving is known as Kae Sa Lak in Thailand. It is been around for seven centuries and is used for the purpose of entertaining guests and showing respect. This culinary art form is being seen much more today in hotels, cruise ships, finer restaurants, and at special social events such as weddings, corporate functions, exhibitions, trade shows, product launches, grand openings, conventions, etc.

When the 60th anniversary of the King of Thailand’s asent to the throne took place, dignitaries, kings, presidents and prime ministers from all over the world enjoyed a lavish dinner adorned with exquisit Fruit & Vegetable carvings.

Although it requires special skills and techniques to master correctly, our method of teaching provides students to carve in the shortest period of time.

We provide courses for beginners, intermediate and advance students.

Watch our introductory presentation about fruit and vegetable carving:

Gardenia Carving by Master Carver Wan Hertz - Siam Carving Academy

This is only a part of the information about this wonderful Academy I will post more information in my next post as this was only an Introduction.

For more information and to contact them please click here.

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