Monday, November 14, 2011

Nita's Carved Vegetable and Fruit Thanksgiving Centerpieces

While browsing through the internet for the best of the information available on Vegetable and Fruit Carvings and also for those Artists that are truly an asset to this art, I happened to be reading this wonderful site of Nita Gill - Vegetable Fruit I was stunned by the exquisite content of the carvings, the fantastic videos she has posted and the obviously the work that she is doing. As a true appreciation of her art and her site I am posting these series of posts dedicated to this great artist and her work. As I always have done, I will be giving you the direct links to her site, and only the images on her site are used to guide you to the subject. I just couldn't get off her site, and I am sure you too will be glued to her site. She has so much to offer, through her classes, online classes, videos, shop, and others so I thought of creating one post for every special offer that she has on her site to enable readers to be able to get directly to the page she offers those wonderful offers. So just keep a look out for the Topic of my post which will be the direct link to her page. I salute this great artist and am sure that this small effort of mine to promote her work will be appreciated. You can read more about these Carved Vegetable and Fruit Thanksgiving Centerpieces at the link below.

This post is dedicated to her

You will be able to see some great carvings and also videos at this page.

Watch these great videos created by Nita Gill.

Birds Made from Squash
A quick centerpiece idea for Thanksgiving dinner. These birds made from acorn squash and yellow crookneck squash are pretty decoration to add to any autumn or winter dinner table. The acorn squash can be carved with feather and tail design or left uncarved. Either way, these squash birds look graceful and elegant.

Watch this and more or her carvings for Thanksgiving at -
You will be able to see some great carvings and also videos at this page.

I am sure you will have a great time watching her work. Have a great time.

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