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The Premiere
Ice Carving and
Food Artistry School

Well I have been primarily posting on this Blog articles and information about Vegetable and Fruit Carvings, but when I also saw some wonderful Ice Carvings during my review of various sites I was awestruck by the creativity, the challenge and the intricacy of this art, especially with the medium being so fragile and perishable. I have sometimes during my writing posted a few details about Ice Carving, but when I came onto this particular site, I was amazed and thought of introducing it and promoting it to my readers. I am sure many of the readers may be aware of this site, but for the benefit of the common reader and the layman I thought it prudent to publish about the Art of Ice Carving and Designing. I am sure you will all like this information.

I will not say much or write much about the institute that I am referring to as it is just too good to say, and leave it to the reader to access the details directly from the site. I have picked up excerpts from the site and directly linked the details to the site so that you can access the details directly.

The site I am referring to is none other than .....

Have you heard that masterful ice carving, fruit carving, and vegetable carving skills are too difficult to learn quickly?
It's not as difficult as it looks - when you learn from an AICD Master Instructor.

Are you highly motivated and too busy for traditional classes?
AICD's acclaimed comprehensive crash courses feature world class private instruction and state-of-the-art teaching methods that dramatically enhance professional ice carving, food carving, or teaching skills with fine-tuned efficiency
in one weekend!

You will be inspired by how EASY, FAST, AND FUN true artistry can be when using AICD's innovative, proven techniques to create incredible ice sculptures and culinary masterpieces!

As they mention on the site, truly...

"We hope we will have the priviledge of welcoming
you to our exclusive family of AICD Graduates soon.
There is so much you can find, learn and participate on this site that I will only leave you with the links to the direct pages of this wonderful site. Help yourself to the information as I am sure you will find it hard to leave the site, and by the time you have read through the site you would have enrolled yourself for some great course or the other.

About Paul Germain, President of AICD
Paul Germain, President of AICD, is internationally renown for being a highly creative, enthusiastic, and inspirational Master Teacher, Ice Sculptor, and Food Artist. He has been developing, researching, and sharing innovative carving techniques and instructional methods for both the commercial ice carving and culinary industry around the world for over 35 years.
Read more about him at About Paul Germain, President of AICD.

American Society for Training and Development - ASTD
World Association of Chefs Societies - WACS
American Culinary Federation - ACF
National Ice Carving Association - NICA
National Education Association - NEA
California Teachers Association - CTA

Served as a NICA Board Member for 3 years

AICD is fully CCR approved and registered to provide training to all
branches of the Federal Government, including the Department of Defense

There is so much to learn and understand on this site that I have limited this post only to a general overview and Introduction of this Academy. In my subsequent posts I will write more about their Training Programs and

AICD Ice Carving Program Accreditation

If you do need to contact them for any further details go to this link

Contact Us.

I am sure you will all love this site, and take up this new art seriously. Wish you all the best!

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