Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fruit Carvings by Nitda Phongcharern

Fruit and Soap Carvings by Nitda Phongcharern

Continuing on my introduction and promotion of this wonderful Art of Vegetable and Fruit Carvings and also highlighting the fantastic artists that create these wonderful pieces of art, I am today trying to display some wonderful work by Nitda Phongcharern.

You may read more about her and her work at Nitda Phongcharern.

I have tried to display some of her best works here. I will be again posting a separate post for her with her other work and details of the Classes she conducts.

I will try and only display some of her fantastic Carving Displays, Soap Carvings and Fruit Tray Displays which I am sure you will like. In my subsequent posts I will give more information about her work, her classes etc, so enjoy the great work.....

Carving Displays

Some Wonderful Fruit Tray Displays

Some Fantastic Soap Carvings by Nitda Phongcharern

As I mentioned earlier these were only a few images and displays of the wonderful work that Nitda Phongcharern has been doing, and I will very soon bring more details about her classes, and other work for all our readers and patrons to know more about. Till then enjoy the work, and you may feel to keep in touch with her at her facebook profile - Nitda Phongcharern.

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