Friday, October 7, 2011

Diwali with Vegetable and Fruit Carving Centre Pieces


With Diwali around the corner, what better way than to try and do something different! Why not decorate your Center Piece Table Food with some great Vegetable and Fruit carvings. This will not only add more color to your Diwali Food layout but also allow you to learn something new. Give it a try and I am sure you will love this art even more!

How to carve a Carnation Flower

Watch this step by step instruction tips to carve wonderful Carnation Flowers which you could decorate around your Diwali Sweet Dishes and food Display! Just click on the image of the flower or the link above and it will take you to the site.

Watermelon Basket

Read all the content on this page above for great Fruit and Vegetable carvings at the above site.
Here is another fantastic Watermelon Carving.

Read the full instructions with pictures at

Watermelon Beach Party

Another great Carving from this same site is at - Flowering Garden

I just could stop watching and reading the articles and carvings at this site.

You could create a great "Diwali" carving using this idea at


Just substitute the words Celebrate with something like "Happy Diwali" or any words of you choice and see how much the guests will enjoy the function!

I think these are enough carvings to start off with and experiment as each site again gives so many options. That is why I like to give you the direct links of the sites in my articles so that you may benefit from the information, without any prejudice. Happy Carving!

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