Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Great Carvings display of Rattanaporn Phanpha (Rattanaporn Poopatee)

Once again in continuation of my effort to display the great art of Fruit and Vegetable Carving Artists on my Blog here are some great images of Carvings by Rattanaporn Phanpha (Rattanaporn Poopatee). I have tried only to display some of the images I could collect from her collection of images on Facebook, and will be adding more information to this post as soon as I collect more of it.

See her full Profile at Rattanaporn Phanpha (Rattanaporn Poopatee)

I have only displayed some of the best Carvings I liked. You are welcome to go to her profile page and check out the fantastic carvings she has made and also some of her achievements.

That is Rattanaporn Phanpha (Rattanaporn Poopatee) showing one of her carvings.

Here she is guiding one of the enthusiasts at Thailand Exhibition in Cambodia.

A collective display of some of her Carvings !

A few of the very delicate carvings I personally liked.

Wonderful piece of Exquisite carving!

Well with so many great carvings and Good work you do need to be recognized!

Well these were only a few of her great carvings, and I cannot but stop in Wishing her the very best in her new endeavors and am sure she will go a long way and all her dreams will come true!
All the best ! Rattanaporn Phanpha (Rattanaporn Poopatee) !

Carvings by Giovanni Cambria

In my continued effort to portray the art of Fantastic Fruit and Vegetable Carving Artist who I have made friends on Facebook, here is one more small Review of the Work done by Giovanni Cambria. I have not been able to collect more personal details but have links to some of his fantastic Videos, and also Images which I have portrayed here.

You may get all further details of his fantastic work and images at his site at

Giovanni Cambria

One of his videos which is my favorite is shown here below and I am sure you will like it.


Some his Carvings which I have liked the most are shown below.

Many more Images and Videos at his own site at Giovanni Cambria

We wish him all the best and it has and will be a privilege and pleasure to portray the art of such artists on my Blog.