Friday, January 14, 2011

Fruit and vegetable carving classes in Russia!

      Fruit and Vegetable Carving Classes in Russia!

Well its not always a routine posting job for me as I have created this blog with a single minded intention to spread word about this fantastic art to all those who love this art. I have been flooded with requests from so many friends and fellow Fruit and Vegetable Carving Artists to portray their work on this blog, and I totally am privileged to do so. This is taking me a lot of time as I have to first compile all their information so as to give them the best leverage and credits for their worth. It is a privilege for me to display these artists who with their fantastic work are doing so much to spread this art around the world.

So reading around I came across this wonderful blog where I found that the author also conducts Fruit and vegetable carving classes in Russia, while also doing carving tools and books distribution.

Contact her here at:

Selena Ze Arteest

(Elena Tabaeva)
+7 (4242) 40-16-49
Sakhalin Island, Russia
selen15367 (@)

Check out this nice blog which I liked a lot as it covers a lot of information that will interest all readers.

I also wish the author Selena Ze Arteest (Elena Tabaeva) all the best in her work, and ventures!

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  1. Hi Warunee, thanks a lot for the review. I am sorry for being late with thank you words, I have just found your article here about me.. You really made me proud of being a part of fruit carving community all around the world.