Saturday, September 25, 2010

Great Fruit Carvings by Jerzy Jasiński

Continuing my series of Posts in displaying the Exquisite work of some the Great Vegetable and Fruit Carvings artists, I have the privilege of displaying some of the work of Jerzy Jasiński. I have selected only some of the best ones I personally liked so if you want to know more about Jerzy's carvings  and other carvings posted by them,you are welcome to see them at Jerzy Jasiński. I will be displaying the work of may such fantastic artists in my individual Posts dedicated to each artist and then updating the same as and when they portray new ones! Hope you all like them as much as I do! Have a great time! 





I am sure you will have enjoyed the great work and exquisite carvings. Look forward to more coming up soon. Have a great time!

Some Fantastic Carvings by Pavel Hrcan

I have been an active member on Facebook, and tried to portray the great works of some of the fantastic artists in Vegetable and Fruit Carving on Facebook in my Blog. Continuing, on this I have found some exquisite carvings done by Pavel Hrcan which I have published here. They are a treat to watch and by the very look of the carvings we can know the amount of dedication, patience and study that has gone into each carving. I have no words to describe the beauty of those carvings so I will leave you to enjoy the fantastic carvings. I you would like to have more information about these carvings or know more about Pavel Hrcan you could catch him on Facebook at Pavel Hrcan

Pavel Hrcan

Some of the best Carving I liked personally.

I am sure you will all love the above exquisite works by Pavel and for any more information or to see more about Pavel and his works you may go to Pavel Hrcan .