Tuesday, July 20, 2010

J M Creative Designs - Great Vegetable, Fruit and Soap Carving Site.

Continuing on my quest to review and portray to the readers the best of the Vegetable and Fruit Carving sites, I came upon this wonderful site which not only has Vegetable and Fruit Carvings but also Soap Carvings as an additional creative art displayed. 

The Owner is Chef Jean-Marc Montjarret has created such a wonderful site which is simple, yet very exhaustive in its display of Vegetable Fruit Carvings, Soap Carvings, Glass Paintings, and Banana Leaf Folding a new form of art that I have displayed on my blog. 

Come to the Home page and you are stunned by the simplicity yet artistic layout of the exhibits. You can see it here J M Creative Designs .

If you would like to know more then read about the Creator of this site here at - Jean-Marc Montjarret

A fantastic display of Fruit carvings is available at Fruit and Vegetable Carvings page.

Another section Displays and Arrangements gives you a fantastic display of Centerpiece displays made out of various Fruits and Vegetables. A must see for all enthusiasts.

One fantastic art I did hear about but got to see more was Soap Carvings. You can see some fantastic art here on this page Soap Carvings.

I have been an ardent fan of creative art of various mediums, and when I saw the wonderful Glass Paintings on this site it reminded me of my school days when I used to do such small paintings on glass bottles, and drinking glasses. Unfortunately I could not preserve them. You can enjoy the beauty of this art here at Glass Paintings. 

Similar to Glass Painting was the concept known to me but less reviewed or portrayed  in my blogs, was the art of Banana Leaf Folding. I still remember having done a lot of Banana, Coconut leaf and even Jackfruit Leaf Folding in my childhood, as I happen to come from Hometown near Goa where we were taught these art forms for use in our daily life, and many a times can be still seen in native weddings in the villages. But it did not go beyond the native borders like this Banana leaf Folding Art which  has now gone international due to extensive Blogging and writing about this art. 

You are luck to see this form of Banana Leaf Folding on this same site. So enjoy this art as well. 

Chef Jean-Marc Montjarret can be contacted for further details about the Art and the classes he conducts at this link - Contact Me

I am sure you will enjoy this site very much. Happy viewing and learning!

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  1. Fruit & vegetable carving for presentation and personal pleasure and it is truely an expression of the artist.