Tuesday, July 20, 2010

J M Creative Designs - Great Vegetable, Fruit and Soap Carving Site.

Continuing on my quest to review and portray to the readers the best of the Vegetable and Fruit Carving sites, I came upon this wonderful site which not only has Vegetable and Fruit Carvings but also Soap Carvings as an additional creative art displayed. 

The Owner is Chef Jean-Marc Montjarret has created such a wonderful site which is simple, yet very exhaustive in its display of Vegetable Fruit Carvings, Soap Carvings, Glass Paintings, and Banana Leaf Folding a new form of art that I have displayed on my blog. 

Come to the Home page and you are stunned by the simplicity yet artistic layout of the exhibits. You can see it here J M Creative Designs .

If you would like to know more then read about the Creator of this site here at - Jean-Marc Montjarret

A fantastic display of Fruit carvings is available at Fruit and Vegetable Carvings page.

Another section Displays and Arrangements gives you a fantastic display of Centerpiece displays made out of various Fruits and Vegetables. A must see for all enthusiasts.

One fantastic art I did hear about but got to see more was Soap Carvings. You can see some fantastic art here on this page Soap Carvings.

I have been an ardent fan of creative art of various mediums, and when I saw the wonderful Glass Paintings on this site it reminded me of my school days when I used to do such small paintings on glass bottles, and drinking glasses. Unfortunately I could not preserve them. You can enjoy the beauty of this art here at Glass Paintings. 

Similar to Glass Painting was the concept known to me but less reviewed or portrayed  in my blogs, was the art of Banana Leaf Folding. I still remember having done a lot of Banana, Coconut leaf and even Jackfruit Leaf Folding in my childhood, as I happen to come from Hometown near Goa where we were taught these art forms for use in our daily life, and many a times can be still seen in native weddings in the villages. But it did not go beyond the native borders like this Banana leaf Folding Art which  has now gone international due to extensive Blogging and writing about this art. 

You are luck to see this form of Banana Leaf Folding on this same site. So enjoy this art as well. 

Chef Jean-Marc Montjarret can be contacted for further details about the Art and the classes he conducts at this link - Contact Me

I am sure you will enjoy this site very much. Happy viewing and learning!

FrutArt - Great Vegetable and Fruit Carving Site - A Review

Continuing on my series of Reviews of Fantastic Vegetable and Fruit Carving Sites, the next on my list is FrutArt 

I am fortunate to have interacted with the Owner and brainchild of this fantastic site Judit Comes Prats on one of our interaction in Social Media, and was very impressed not only by Judit as a person but also by her fantastic site. You can read all about Judit and her venture at Who we are

As you will be seeing in the site FrutArt offers a variety of Services such as

Learning : Mini Courses introduction of this art to aspiring individuals.

Orders and Events: Decorations at Banquets, anniversaries, receptions etc..

Exhibitions: Fairs, Party's Inaugural Shows, Presentations...they do them all...

Consultation: They offer consultation in Event co-ordination, decoration and other ideas...

Tools: Get what you want in regards to this art, such as CD's DVD's, Tools for carvings, etc...

I would specially impress you to visit the Photo Gallery...it's a treat to watch...

And of course if you would like to Purchase any of the wonderful Gift packs for someone related to Fruit and Vegetable carving like  Fruit Carving Course DVD, Carving Tools Sets, Books etc..just go their Store and you will be able to order what ever you like online!

And after you have had a fill of the fantastic Carvings and what they have to offer, I am sure you will want to register for one of their services ...then it's as easy as clicking on the Contact Us Link and you can ask for more details.

One thing I can be sure of is their Usp and Motto - Your Satisfaction is our success

Hope you like this site as much as I do.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fantastic Rose Carving on a Watermelon

I thank one of my valuable readers Meghan who commented on my previous post as follows :

There is an absolutely beautiful short video that demonstrates how to carve roses into the inner rind of a watermelon. The artist is someone named Vid Nicolic. It is quite meditative.With due credits to Meghan I am posting this video for all to see, because what I saw just put me into a stance. I am sure all of you readers will enjoy this video as well. Happy viewing. Thanks Meghan!

Watermelon carving from Vid Nikolic on Vimeo.

Happy viewing of this fantastic video.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Asia Recipe.com - A Site Review.

Continuing on my earlier post about reviews of the top sites on Vegetable and Fruit Carving, another site I found very nice and informative is the 

Though this site mainly caters to the various recipes and cooking methods, they have a nice section dedicated to Fruit and Vegetable Carvings. 

To start with they have given a brief Introduction to Vegetable and Fruit carvings, and then gone on to giving Tips on selecting Fruits and Vegetables for Carving which is very important. 

Later on they also go into the details of Specific Preparations and Treatments required for some vegetables and Fruits which will give you a better result after carving. This section is the best as these simple tips are very important for all carving. 

The next section deals with how to Store Carved Fruit and Vegetables. This too is a unique section in that it deals specifically with how a proper storage can give you very good results during the actual display at the time of the event. 

They conclude the page rather abruptly though, with only a few carving instructions such as one for Watermelon Basket Carving, Apple Leaf, and a Simple White Lotus Cucumber Garnis. 
This I feel could have been more elaborate and they could have supplied more links or even details of such carving. 

Have a great Time!

Temple of Thai - A Site Review.

In my endeavor to give you the best of the information about this wonderful Art of Vegetable and Fruit Carving, I have thought of writing short reviews of various sites which i found to be the best on the Internet. My views are only my opinions and it is my endeavor to bring to the reader the best information without any prejudice or bias. With so much information available on the the Internet , it becomes very cumbersome for the reader to pick out specif information from millions of pages, so I thought i would present these short reviews of the best sites I have found on this subject. In this my intention is very mutually unbiased, and it will be my privilege to portray the information from those sites in brief and thereby also give you the direct link to that particular page on the respective site. Hope you all enjoy this series of reviews!

One particular site I have always found to be very impressive, and full to the brim with information , and products available with reference to this fantastic are is  .

The Vegetable and Fruit Carving Home page gives you a fantastic array of topics such as given below which again deals in detail with various links therein. Products are available online, and one can spend hours reading through each section without getting bored and always finding something new! Find everything you need to get started in the art of fruit & vegetable carving. Browse our selection of illustrated carving books and individual tools and tool sets imported from Thailand.

The Home page can be found at 

Also benefit from their information through their  Newsletter at the below given link

Not the least to mention they also have a fantastic Thai Food store where you will find a fantastic array of items, all authentically Thai! Check it out at 

I am sure you are going to enjoy your trip down Thai Lane on this wonderful site! have a great time!