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Books on Vegetable and Fruit Carving!

Here is a collection of Books and other information all available on one Page. All books are related to The fantastic Art of Vegetable and Fruit Carving! Take your pick. I have given direct links to the page of the respective sites so you can get all the information and details at a click of your mouse button! So why wait? Go out there and get them! Just click on the Title of the Book or the Image and you will be directed to the relevant page. Enjoy!

Vegetable & Fruit Carving Book-Complete Step by Step Vegetable and Fruit Carving!

This beautifully detailed book guides you step-by-step through eighty-four exquisite fruit and vegetable carvings, all clearly presented with full-color photographs and practical, straightforward layouts. It is widely considered to be one of the most thorough and comprehensive fruit and vegetable carving books ever written, providing an eclectic selection of different carvings that are both elegant and uncomplicated.

Art of Vegetable Garnish

Very few carving books contain as much detail as The Art of Vegetable Garnish, making this a must have book for the professional chef de garde-manger or caterer.

Thai Exquisite Cuisine & Art of Vegetable and Fruit Carving

Recently republished by popular demand, this detailed vegetable and fruit carving book provides exquisite examples of some of the most elaborate and fascinating fruit carving techniques. All of the fruit carvings have been beautifully captured in full-color photos and include comprehensive descriptions and guidelines. This book is densely filled with over fifty diverse step-by-step carving procedures.

Variety of Flowers, Vegetable and Fruit Carving Book!

As the title of this book suggests,the Variety of Flowers, Vegetable and Fruit Carving Book, is predominantly concerned with examining one branch of traditional Thai carving in detail, which is floral-type arrangements of carvings. The flower carvings addressed here range from the delicate to the bold, interspersed with Thai mythical creatures and animals to enhance displays. As with many of the fruit and vegetable carving books on offer at the Temple of Thai, this book contains beautiful full-color photographs, detailed illustrations and step-by-step guidelines to help readers accomplish even the most complex of the featured designs.

Exquisite Vessels, Vegetable and Fruit Carving Book

In this gorgerous carving book you will find detailed insturctions for carving fruits and vegetables, including Pumpkin, Papaya, Taro, Gourds, Watermelons and others!

Art of Thai Vegetable and Fruit Carving (Penpan)

This carving book is unique in its complete coverage of presenting Thai food with exquisite carvings and it is essentially two books in one. Written by fruit carving expert, Penpan Sittitrai, the first part of the book, Thai Vegetable and Fruit Carving focuses entirely on step-by-step carving instructions, each with their own corresponding full-color photographs, detailed instructions, and sketched illustrations.

Carving Papaya Fruit

This advanced fruit carving book covers in detail how to carve papaya. The Thai author uses varying ripenesses of the fruit to achieve incredible classical Thai carvings of flowers, bouquets, flower vases, boats, swans, birds, baskets, parrots and butterflies.In addition to the 39 carvings, the introduction includes how to carve 5 types of leaves, roses, butterflies and other types of flowers.

Cantaloupe Carving Book

This advanced fruit carving book covers in detail how to carve cantelope melon. See a large image of this book.The Thai author uses the melon fruit to achieve incredible classical Thai carvings of mainly flowers (lotus, rose, zinnas, etc), flower bouquets, a flower vase, and birds. Each page is in both Thai and English.

Ancient Thai Art of Vegetable Carving

This vegetable and fruit carving book introduces the ancient Thai art of creating both intricate and simple food garnishes. It presents basic carving techniques with illustrations and step-by-step instructions for transforming common vegetables into decorative flower arrangements.

Classical Thai-Style Pumpkin Carving

Learn to carve pumpkins into ornate floral patterns in the classical Thai-style. These flowers are carved with a straight bladed knife and cut into old-fashioned style flower designs.

Fine Art of Vegetable and Fruit Carving (Gay-sah-lahk Vee-git)

This incredible advanced fruit & vegetable carving book written in Thai (no English) is carefully laid out with step-by-step photographs.
If you are looking for fruit carving books in English have a look at Vegetable Garnish Book or Ancient Thai Art of Vegetable Carving.

Fruit & Vegetable Carving - Serving Vessels

This book illustrates the highly-detailed traditional style of Thai fruit and vegetable carving, for which Thailand is famous. The book focuses on creating intricate carved serving trays, platters, bowls and baskets for the artful presentation of foods suitable for banquets, weddings, corporate events and dinner parties.

Step-by-Step Illustrated Carving Book (in Thai)

Beautiful carvings and garnishes are well illustrated in numerous photos and Thai script only (no English) in this modern new book imported from Thailand.

I am sure you will like this collection, which I have compiled on one page to make it easy for readers to access. My next post deals with DVD's on Vegetable Fruit Carvings! Have a a Great Time!

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