Saturday, December 12, 2009

Top Vegetable Fruit Carving Site links!

Hi Friend!,

Sorry, back after a long time, and missed you all! Compiling a great set of posts which will be up shortly, so till then though of just posting the Top Vegetable Fruit Carving Site list here so it will be easier for the readers to get to the site from one Post itself. Hope you like the collection I have either put the direct link name or their Icon or site Header to assist you in identifying the popular sites.

Great Fruit Carving videos

Welcome to Fruit carving Devon

Lot more coming up in my next post, enjoy the above sites till then!

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  1. I recently found what I think might be a garnish tool: on one end it has two small serrated blades and on the other end is a single blade with larger serrations all around. There's a black plastic handle in the middle. Do you know what it might be and what it is used for? Thanks.