Sunday, November 1, 2009

Translate this site in various languages!

Hi Friends and Patrons,

Translate this site in various languages!

I thank all my readers and subscribers for the overwhelming response they have given to my blog, and it was evident from the Visitors Map that so many readers were from various countries all over the world. For the benefit of these readers I have now added the Google Translate Gadget on the right of this post at the top so that these readers can select a language of their choice and read this site with ease.

I am sure this will help all readers to avail of the information in a language of their choice, which will make it easier to read. Your suggestions, comments and criticism has always been a source of inspiration for me to make this blog better, and this is one small step to make it better.

I once again thank all readers for their immense love and liking for this topic, and in making this
blog such a great one. It will be my endeavor to post more information which I have collected, and will be posting shortly. Apologies for the short gap in posting information.

See ya soon!

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