Monday, November 16, 2009

Radish carving Videos - How to carve a Radish

Here are a few videos showing you how to carve Radish into some really cute pieces of display for your Centerpiece or even on your Salad decorations.

1. Vegetable Carving - "How to carve a Radish Rat"?
Having fun with veggies may seem impossible to some kids, but not after they've watched teenaged professional chef Justin Miller work his magic. With a few careful cuts, he shows you can have fun with veggies by making a radish rat.


2. Festival of Radishes....fantastic radish carvings
The Festival of the Radishes (Los Rabanos) is known worldwide as a singular event in Oaxaca, Mexico. Held each Dec. 23 it displays carvings and radishes, corn husks and flowers in the city zoczlo and attracts visitors from throughout the world.

Night of the Radishes - La Noche de Rabanos

One of the best days of the year!! Every year on Dec.23, there is a competition in the zocalo in Oaxaca, Mexico, with large cash prizes. Thousands of people come and watch oaxaqueños create amazing works of art using radishes, corn husks or dried flowers. By nightfall, the square is so full of happy people, one can barely more. Viva Oaxaca!

4. How to cut Radishes?
Learn how to prepare and chop radishes with expert tips in this free how-to video on cutting vegetables.

5. Learn how to slice radish for a vegetable tray!
Learn how to slice radishes for a vegetable tray in this free video clip about party appetizer platters. From Expert: Karen Weisman.

6. Making Radish Flowers!
Turn your ordinary radish into flowers! Learn how to make turnip flowers for a vegetable arrangement in this free video clip about party appetizer platters. Expert: Karen Weisman


I am sure you liked this small series of videos showing you steps from cutting and storing radish to creatin sweet flowers for your decorations. My next post will deal with some Fruit now since we have covered a few vegetables now. Enjoy your carving!

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