Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Honey dew Melon Fruit Carving Videos !

Learn how to carve the beautiful light green skin of the sweet honey dew melon into a beautiful flower with leaves, in these series of videos.
To Know more about Honey Dew Melons click the image above

1. Honey Dew Melon Fruit Carving - Part -1

2. Honey Dew Melon Fruit Carving - Part -2
This carving is great for a center piece!

3. Honey Dew Melon Fruit Carving - Part -3
Honey dew melon carved in a star pattern fruit carving.

4. Another Honey Dew Melon - Exquisite Flower Fruit Carving Video
A nice design for a centerpiece for your dinner banquet or wedding


I am sure these videos were so good, you are going to try these carvings all by yourself, and experience the beauty of this great Art of Thai Fruit Carving! Cheers!

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