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Tools Kits Cutlery and Kitchen Gadgets for Vegetable Fruit Carving

Tools Kits Cutlery and Kitchen Gadgets for Vegetable Fruit Carving

This post will cover all information about, Tools, Kits, Cutlery, and Kitchen Gadgets required and used in Vegetable and Fruit Carving. All efforts to list out the best of the Accessories, tools, carving knives, sets, and sellers of such quality products will be made, and links to the direct sites offered. I am sure you will all love this section.

The first of the links is to Chef Depot™ a Site for Chefs and Gourmets which offers the best of the tools from GIESSER MESSER.

Giesser Garnishing Tools...On Sale!

These Chef tools are all made in Germany...
they are the highest quality Garde Manger tools made today!

The Giesser Guarantee
We guarantee that all Giesser products will be free from defects in material and workmanship. The forged knives have high carbon steel forged alloy blades for strength and appearance. The handles are a black high impact polymer that will last for life.
These garnish tools & knives are superior quality like all knives made in Germany.
We import Giesser knives direct, high quality at the lowest price.
These tools were designed for maximum balance, safety and comfort!
Our Chef Knives are the choice of Master Chef Paul Bocuse!
We love these tools, you will too! Click Here for Messermeister Garnishing Kits!


Another great shopping stop is KerekeS. For 50 years Kerekes has been synonymous with high quality products, reasonable prices and great service. Kerekes is a One-Stop Shop for the commercial kitchen and bakery. Their fantastic range of Cuttlery for Vegetable and Fruit Carving can be checked out at their site.

Garnishing Tools, Knives, Books & DVDs
Find everything you need to get started in the art of fruit & vegetable carving. Browse our selection of illustrated carving books and individual tools and tool sets imported from Thailand. For beginners, this complete garnishing knife & tool set is ideal starting point and is optionally available with step-by-step vegetable and fruit carving book.
A range of tools : curved blade knife and gouges. You can buy tools on the net or in Thailand in all the shops which sell cooking tools. For more see here...
Another range of tools : curved blade knife, gouges and cookie cutters used to make easily leaves, hearts, elephants, birds, dogs, rabbits and cats. The knife, gouges and the two golden cookie cutters (leaf and heart) can be bought on the net at "Temple of Thai" (links). Some thai bookshops sell kits (book + tools). The tools made for fruit and vegetable carving can be found in Thailand in all the shops which sell cooking tools.

Here is another great collection of Carving tools and sets, along with a comparisons with other kits and sets so that you can make your own choice.
Here you will find - Carving Knives Used for carving fruits and vegetables, Cookie Cutters of various shapes, Sharp-Pointed Knives - Used for peeling and cutting fruits and vegetables, Scissors Used for cutting and trimming carved fruit and vegetables, Seeding Knife - Used for removing seeds from fruit, Melon Scoop
Used for forming fruit into balls and for scraping fruit flesh from the rind, which is then put some use. For instance, the rind of a watermelon may be made into a punch bowl....etc....


Another Great Shopping Experience For Vegetable and fruit carving tools at Yahoo shopping.

More links and shopping experiences to come soon, so keep a watch.

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