Monday, October 19, 2009

Superb Kitchen Gadgets and Tools for Veg and Fruit Carving

Here are some great Kitchen gadgets and tools available for Fruit and vegetable Carving. Check out the images and go to the site to buty them online right away! I am sure you will go for them!

Listed below you will find some of the most popular easy-to-use kitchen gadgets that come handy in food decoration. Click on the picture to get more information and recipes for each gadget.

Twin Curl Cutter

This garnish tool will cut a thick spiral out of any hard fruit or vegetable. Two curls will twine together to make a fantastic presentation. Beets and jicamas or potatoes and sweet potatoes make interesting combinations.

Spiral Slicer - Spiral slicer is an easy to use garnishing tool to make large spirals from giant radishes or ordinary zucchini.

Crinkle Cutter
- With this tool you can make decorative crinkle and waffle cuts from fruits and vegetable within seconds.

Pineapple Slicer - Pineapple slicer will peel, core, and slice a fresh pineapple in 30 seconds. Removes perfectly formed rings while leaving the core in the shell.

V-Shaped Fruit Cutter - Create v-shaped edges along the halves of melons or other fruits and vegetables within few seconds.

Melon Baller - A melon ball cutter is used to make balls as well as to scoop out a melon, which is to be filled. Using a melon ball cutter, you can scoop out melon balls from rip cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew. These scooped melon balls are then used to garnish soups and other melon preparations. The cutter scoops out the perfect balls out of melon. The cutter can scoop out a variety of sizes depending on the size of the cutter. Melon ball cutter can also make balls from fruits, soft vegetables, ice creams, cheese and butter.

Egg Topper - Egg topper is used to remove the top from egg shells. It is a simple, effective way to create a sharp, clean cut when opening a hard boiled or soft boiled egg. It comprises of a handle and a ring of teeth. Squeeze the handle to pierce a ring of teeth and separate the top of the egg as you twist and lift to remove. The handle resembles that of a scissor and it almost functions similar to the scissor.

Apple Divider - Apple divider is an efficient tool used to core and cut apple into uniform segments. It is used for applesauce, salads, and every apple recipe. It also works for pears and potatoes.

Corn Stripper - Removing corn kernels from cobs has never been easier. The OXO Good Grips Corn Stripper features a container that catches the kernels as they are stripped from the cob. Read more at the site....

Apple Corer - Round, perfect apple rings are simple with this corer by Oxo. With itsdurable stainless-steel head, it slices swiftly through fruit; just shake it to get the core out of the tool. Use it to make pristine baked apples and apple rings, or try it with pears. A soft, oversized, nonslip rubber handle absorbs the pressure the work puts on your hands. With a large hole for hanging, storage is easy. Cleanup is easy, as well--like all Oxo Good Grips tools, this is dishwasher-safe.

Mango Splitter - There's nothing as luscious as a ripe mango. Growing in popularity, mangoes are now available in many stores year-round and can be eaten fresh, cubed into salads, or sliced and baked on top of chicken breasts.....

Lemon Reamer - With lemon reamer it will be an easy work for you to juice lemons, limes, or oranges. Very sturdy, with a comfy, non-slip handle, it will allow you to exert maximum force while also giving you great control.

Lemon Zester - The Good Grips Lemon Zester is two tools in one. The sharp holes in its stainless steel head remove the zest from the pith of lemons and other citrus fruits easily, and a channel knife feature makes it easy to decorate for garnish. Its soft handle nestles comfortably in your palm and is designed to prevent it from spinning in your hand.

Swivel Peeler - Whether peeling a Granny Smith apple or a fruit with an even tougher skin, the swivel peeler by Oxo is an essential tool in any kitchen. Its flexible, rotating stainless-steel blades make peeling simple by contouring to almost any surface shape. The built-in potato eye remover is durable and can easily carve out blemishes without digging.

Cherry Pitter - The Cherry Pitter features a removable splatter shield that directs juices downward and prevents them from soiling your work area. When not in use, the splatter shield fits inside the front chamber and a lock holds the Cherry Pitter closed for convenient storage.

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