Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some more Tools Kits Cutlery and Kitchen Gadgets for Vegetable Fruit Carving

Some More Tools Kits Cutlery and Kitchen Gadgets for Vegetable Fruit Carving
As promised please find some more great sites that offer Vegetable and Fruit Carving tools, kits, sets, and utilities for assisting you in your Carving.

At this site you will find a fantastic collection of Vegetable and Fruit carving tools, sets, kits such as Mini-Cases, Decoration tools and utensils, Books and other utilities. Check it out !


Kiwi Brand Stainless Steel Thai Knives.
Kiwi Brand Stainless Steel Thai Knives. For years, professional chefs have told us about the Kiwi-brand knives they brought home from Thai vacations, and how much they love using Kiwi knives. Many others call and ask if we carry them. Now we have the finest selection of Kiwi knives imported direct from Thailand and offered at a very reasonable price. There's no mystery why chefs love these knives, and that Thai knife designers deserve a reputation equal to the taste of delicious Thai food. The stainless steel blades are extremely sharp and strong yet light. The hard plastic handle on smaller knives not only feels great, it seems to be aircraft-grade plastic seamlessly molded to the blade for literally decades of use. On the larger knives, the blades are slightly heavier, with hardwood handles and brass rivets. Browse our selection and order with convenience, you no longer need to travel to Thailand to find the finest knives, or pay a fortune for European-style knives. All of these have the prestigious Kiwi Brand Made in Thailand stamp.
Get all you want for fruit and vegetable carving such as
Get the experience of online shopping right here, and
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Chef Knives To Go offers the world's largest selection of kitchen knives! Our unmatched selection of German and Japanese kitchen knives includes top brands such as Global Knives, Wusthof Knives, Henckels Knives, Shun Knives, Ceramic Knives and more. We are committed to giving you fast and efficient service along with free delivery of any order over $60. If you would like a personal recommendation please email us


At JB PRINCE you will get a wide variety of Vegetable Carving tools.
23 Piece Garde Manger Set & Roll. 20 gouges and "V" tools, each with two working ends. 3 styling knives plus a whetstone. Tools are stainless steel.


Great Collection of Fruit and vegetable carving tools. You will be amazed at the collection of various carving tools and accessories avaialable here at

Fruit and vegetable carving tools

Thai knife

Spiral Cutter Triangle

Set of 4 fluted chisels

Professional Decoration tools

Set of 18 decorating utensils

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