Monday, October 19, 2009

A Great Site.- How to Garnish

How to Garnish

Food Decoration

Seldom do you come across such fantastic sites, and here is one which I recommend you read and join up right now. I have .

This site was brought to life to offer both professional and amateur chefs a place to share their garnishing recipes and food decoration ideas. It intends to be bit different than typical recipes web sites. Here we put accent on food presentation, all posted garnishing tips has to be submitted with at least one picture to illustrate the described idea. Here you should always find inspiration on how to prepare food nice for eyes, what to serve at your next party or how to garnish dishes for your little kid who doesn't accept your healthy but boring food and pushes it away.

So why not start browsing our garnishing recipes and food decoration ideas? You can..

Most recent food art photos

Latest garnishing tips

Pumpkin Lights

Apple Vase

I liked this site so much so thought of posting its details on the blog. I am sure you too are going to like it. Take a look at

How to Garnish

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