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Veggy Art Classes

Veggy Art Classes

"Fashion For Food"

Listed below are the different classes offered by Veggy Art and the answers to some frequently asked questions.

If you would like to see the locations of upcoming classes, events, and demonstrations, please view the Class Schedule and Events Calendar.

Veggy Art Now Offers (3) Different Classes

Class sizes are kept to a minimum to ensure that each student receives plenty of personal attention.

1. The Art of Creating Edible Centerpieces

(1 Day) 5-6 hours- Instructed by Chef James Parker

A simple technique, taught only by Chef James Parker, the Founder of Veggy Art. His personality matched with his passion for carving, will make it easy to learn how to create a beautiful, edible floral centerpiece made with every day fruits and vegetables.

You will learn how to use new tools for cutting both fruits and veggies, as well as, learn how to make gorgeous fruit trays.

Most of all, you will find a new respect for fruits and veggies that will have you looking at produce in a whole new light. You will never look at produce the same way.

See the picture gallery of James Parker's classes

2. The Advanced Art of Thai Melon Carving

(1 Day) 5-6 hours
Instructed by Chef Jean-Marc Montjarret

Chef Jean-Marc, Owner of Creative Designs by Jean-Marc, has been carving fruits and veggies for over 20 years. He was trained in Thailand and continues training every year under one of the most celebrated carving chefs in Thailand. In his class you will learn how to pick out a perfect piece of fruit for carving. He will give you tips on the best ways to preserve a carving for lasting freshness, and show you how to use natural fruit colors that result in the most attractive carved pieces.

You will learn how to carve 3 different advanced patterns. This will include: The Honeydew Dahlia, The Closing Watermelon Rose, and The Multiple Open Rose Watermelon with a Design using the Rind.

Previous carving experience is highly recommended.


3. The Art of Carving Animals and Creating Scenery

(1 Day) 5-6 hours
Instructed by Chef Ray L. Duey, C.E.C.

A Certified Executive Chef with the American Culinary Federation, Chef Ray Duey, has been carving, cooking, and entertaining in places all over the country. He has participated in several Carving Competitions and has received many awards for his accomplishments.

Chef Duey will show you how to create beautiful scenery and sculpt amazing creatures out of everyday veggies. Carrot phoenixes, cucumber turtles, crookneck squash birds, Daikon butterflies, dogs, monkeys and so much more !!

Come Join the fun and see why Chef Duey says, “This Class, [it] will really be like a Zoo”.


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