Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vegetable and Fruit carving Videos Great Collection

As a sequel to my earlier post on various vegetable fruit carving videos, here is a collection of some more great videos, collected from the internet. Some of them are fruit carvings, vegetable carvings from various regions, which have their own distinctive style, and finesse. I am sure you will like these videos.

Carving Fruits - A great video showing Exquisite Fruit carvings!


Khmer Live! How to do Strawberry Rose Carving


Khmer live! how to do a bird carving.


Khmer Live ! Melon#2 how to do love bird Carving


Khmer live ! how to carve a Riya Rose.


Khmer Live ! Melon #1 how to do swan Carving .


Khmer Paring Knife Techniques-How To Do Speed Cut Lemon Crown.

Some more special videos in my next post. Enjoy these till then.

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