Monday, September 16, 2019

Thank You All For 7000+ Likes on my Vegetable And Fruit Carving Page!

Thank You All For 7000+ Likes on my Vegetable And Fruit Carving Page!

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My Page - Vegetable Vegetable and Fruit Carvings has received over 7144 LIKES!

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With innumerable new readers becoming a fan of my page here and liking it, and a staggering 500 post reaches in just one week we are on a roll. It is not the count of likes that is important, as much as your love, motivation, best wishes and Blessings that I keep getting through your comments and messages. 

It is because of your constant touch with my content, your likes, your comments, suggestions and motivation that I keep trying to do the best I can in giving you the best. I will continue to do so with more vigor and intent. 

A huge heartfelt thanks to all you wonderful Vegetable and Fruit Carving and Culinary Artists who are my inspiration behind creating this page.

Happy to inform that very soon you will see a series of videos created by me being published for you here. Also very encouraging and proud moment for me is that I will be displaying and portraying some of my own carvings which I have started doing slowly and steadily after the inspiration I got from you all. Hope you will like them.

Looking forward to your continued support and love as always! Warm Regards, God Bless!


Friday, October 26, 2018

Angel Boraliev - Carving Master With a Difference

Angel Boraliev - Carving Master With a Difference!
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Continuing on my quest to share and promote the work of Vegetable, Fruit, and Soap Carvings of Great Artists all over the world, here is my latest post that will let you know more about this Artist who I recently got Friends with. 

Angel Boraliev - Carving Master from Varna, Bulgaria With a Difference - that is what I call him after seeing his works which include Vegetable, Fruit and Soap carvings. Since last 4 years he has worked as a Carving Master, and professionally grown over the years. In the year 2015 he participated in the Bulcan Culinary Cup and in the Carving Category he has won 2 Gold Medals. 

I have been stunned by the Intricate carvings he has done not only on vegetables, but also soap Carvings which I like very much. I will not write much here and leave you to check out all his work from the links I am giving below which will leave you all in awe. 

His main work can be seen at his site here 

Check out all his Soap Carvings at his shop at - 

His Amazing Linkedin Profile is at 

Catch all his work on Instagram at 

Here are some amazing Images of his work at Pinterest

Some of his Soap Carvings seen here are just awesome

His Super Duper Youtube Channel is available here at 

Wow, am I happy? I am overjoyed at meeting such and amazing artist and will create more posts of his specific Videos on various Carving works done by him in my subsequent posts. Looking forward to sharing more of his work, not only through my Blogs here but also at my Facebook Page at 

So Friends Keep a Watch and enjoy this amazing work of Angel Boraliev . God Bless!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Amazing Food Art Compilation 2018 - Fruit and Vegetable Carving

Amazing Food Art Compilation 2018 - Fruit and Vegetable Carving

As promised in my last post , I located an amazing video - a compilation f Fruit and Vegetable Carvings 2018 in one single video. Hope you like it.

Hope you like this video. Looking out for more latest videos. Enjoy.